How To 50-50 On A Training Board With Duncan

How To 50-50 On A Training Board

Now that you're comfortable moving around while strapped into your SA Training Board, you're probably itching to learn your first trick to show off and make your friends jealous. A 50-50 is usually the first trick you learn on a box, rail or Balance Bar and is what we're teaching you today!

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(Narrating/Rider: Duncan Mainland. Film/Edit: Vince Emond)
There are two ways you can do 50-50's, Frontside or Backside. Frontside is when you jump on the feature or Balance Bar when it is in front of you, and Backside is when you jump on when it's behind you.

Frontside 50-50

It's best to start with a Frontside 50-50 because it feels more natural to jump forward off off your toes. At this point you should already be comfortable jumping forwards, backwards and Moving Around On Your Training Board.

Jib Board Vs. Tramp Board
Do I use the Jib Board or Tramp Board?

The Jib Training Board has a slick P-TEX base, that gives you a real snowboard feel. However, if you use the Tramp Training Board you will have better grip on the Balance Bar. We recommend using the Tramp Board if you are a newbie. 

1. Jump on to the Balance Bar leading with your upper body, keeping your shoulders parallel with the Balance Bar.

Leaning Forward 
Initiate the jump by leaning with your upper body.

2. Try to land with the Balance Bar right in the middle of the training board, as this is the greatest area to balance on. If you just place your board on the bar without stacking your weight over the top of it, it's going to be very difficult to maintain balance. Before you lose your balance or your legs give out, jump off either side of the Balance Bar.

Landing In The Centre Notice how Duncan's weight is over the top of his board and he is not bent over.

3. The first time you jump on, you'll probably want to look down as you balance. As you get more comfortable, try keeping your head up and imagine you're actually snowboarding as this will greatly improve your balance. Repeat this until you are comfortable and you can hold the 50-50 for at least 5 seconds.

5 Seconds Jazz hands!

Backside 50-50

The Backside 50-50 is very similar to a Frontside 50-50. The only difference is that you will jump on to the Balance Bar when it's behind you. This can be a little more difficult, as it's a little harder to see the Balance Bar and you won't get the same spring off your toes as you do with the Frontside 50-50.

1. Jump back with enough height to make it onto the Balance Bar. Once again, you will lead with your upper body, and land in a stacked position over the bar.

Backside Jump On 
No, he isn't using magnets.

2. Try to hold the 50-50 for as long as you can. When you feel like you are losing balance, hop off.

Hop off Before You Lose Balance
You can't improve without failure. If you fall, try again. 

3. Your board and shoulders are very closely related and generally like to be aligned with one another. If you start rotating your shoulders when you jump, you will notice that your board will do a similar movement, making it difficult to land straight on the Balance Bar. Keep your shoulders lined up with your board and Balance Bar.

Twisted Shoulders

4. Do Backside 50-50's until you can comfortably hold them for 5 seconds.

 Hold It For 5 Seconds
5..4..3....... "You Didin't Say 2, or 1"?

For more of a challenge, try adding the round top piece to make it more like an actual park rail. 

Add The Round White Top Piece For A Challenge
The round top piece simulates rail riding.

Doing It For Real

The 50-50 is a staple jib trick and the first one you're going to learn on snow. Get them dialled on the Balance Bar and Training Board, then take them to the snow with Your First 50-50

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