How To Hardway Frontside 270 On A Training Board

How To Hardway Frontside 270 On A Training Board

The Hardway Frontside 270 On, a mouthful and a bloody difficult jib trick to lock down. Start out on a Jib Board and Balance Bar and set yourself up for success!

    Still working on the 270 On? You'll want to have it on lock before you try the hardway. 

    (Narrating: Saxon Farnworth, Riding: Saxon Farnworth & Connor Palahicky. Filming/Editing: Vince Emond.)

    So What Is Hardway?

    Hardway in jibbing refers to when you initiate spinning with the opposite edge to the direction you are spinning. If that is hard to get your head around let me give you an example, if you are approaching a rail in front of you, you initiate the spin off your toe edge and pop your back foot over the rail first. Okay, now that you know what we're on about, here are the tricks you need to have down before you attempt the Hardway 270:

    • 180 In 
    • Frontside 360 on flat
    • Frontside 270 In 

    The Hardway 270 In feels like landing a switch backside lipslide, wth a little more spin before it. 

    trick comparison

    So, you guessed it, balance out some switch backside lipslides before you attempt spinning 270 into that position. While you're locking in your switch backside lipslides, pop out in both directions to really dial in your balance and get yourself ready for the Hardway 270.

    getting that rotationLocking in that 270 rotation

    The next step in this progression is 270s on Flat. Spin out a 270, land, and then jump that extra 90 degrees to complete a 360. 

    Now let's bring the Balance Bar into the picture. Line up with the Balance Bar about 8 inches in-front of your Training Board. When you pop into your 270 spin, push forward slightly off the ground. Getting the right height and position when you land on the rail is a huge part of this trick. For this variation you are aiming to land near the middle of the board, and then pop out on the opposite side from what you jumped in on. 

    Landing position 
    Landing centred over the feature

    Another variation on the 270 In, is to pull back to switch, if you feel like adding an extra degree of difficulty. 

    A huge part of stomping a Hardway 270 to switch, is stopping the rotation of your shoulders and following through with your lower body. This helps lock your front foot in on the feature, which gives you  surface to push off of, back into a switch landing. You want to stop your shoulders at 180 degrees, finishing the last 90 with your hips and lower body. You can jump right in with the Balance Bar, or practice on the flats first (I highly recommend the second option). Again with the switch landing in mind. lock this trick in over your front foot, so you have something to push of of and reverse your momentum coming out of the feature. 

    Connor throwing a huge 270 in 
    Connor throwing a huge 270 in 

    If you have a Hardway 270 down you're a bit of a jib master, want to learn flips & off axis rotations?

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