How to Backside Bluntslide on a Training Board

How to Backside Bluntslide on a Training Board

Bluntslides are one of the funnest jib tricks to stomp. The trick originates from skateboarding, as most do. Back Blunts involve having both sets of trucks get up and over the rail or ledge, catching the feature with your tail. Find out how to put it down on a snowboard below. Not ready for Back Blunts? Warm up with an easier jib trick, the 50-50.

(Narrating/riding: John Leslie, Filming/Editing: Vince Emond.)

Getting Started 

In snowboarding, the goal is to get the front of your board over the feature and land on your back foot.

Back Blunt On A Snowboard
This is a jib trick you should have in your bag.

This is a great trick to get familiar with on a Jib Board before taking it to the snow. Stomping a few on the Balance Bar before heading up the mountain is a great way to ensure stomping them in the park. Snowboard tricks are pretty complicated and you can easily get one trick confused with another. See the difference between a Backside Tailslide and the Backside Bluntslide.

 Tailslide vs Bluntslide
Starting from the regular riding position. 

Notice how it's not just the tail of your board that goes over the Balance Bar, but instead the whole board. Back Blunts look dope if you can land regular, instead of sliding out to fakie. Landing on the Balance Bar in a Shifty position will help you snap back to regular through the counter-rotation.

Counter Rotation It helps to approach the feature with your upper body wound up in the other direction.

Once you have that body position locked in, using the built up tension in your core from the counter rotated position, land back in the position you approached the feature in.

Back Blunts To Fakie

That said, there is nothing wrong with a Back Blunt To Fakie. If you want to learn that as well, use less counter rotation in order to pop you out to Switch.

Back Blunt to FakieKeep your chest open and keep your momentum moving. 

Back Blunts and Beyond

If you want to take your Back Blunts even further, keep rotating your shoulders around and try to pop off doing a 270 degree spin out. Once you have the Back Blunt 270 Out on lock, add the Rail Attachment to your Balance Bar. This will challenge your balance and give you a more realistic feel, before taking it to snow.

White Top Piece
Adding the Rail Attachment will make it feel more realistic to a terrain park feature.

Blunts are a great trick because they are easy to add style to and the more you can catch the Blunt on an angle the more stylish it looks. Now it's time to add your own flavour to the Blunt.

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