How To Shifty On A Tramp Board

How To Shifty On A Tramp Board

Shifties add style to grabs, spins and even look good all on their own. Learn how to get them dialled on the trampoline so you can comfortably take it to the hill.

We used the Tramp Board and Training Bindings to dial in our Shifties, you can too!

(Narraring/Riding: Duncan Mainland. Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce & Whistler Blackcomb)

What Is A Shifty?

A Shifty is when you counter rotate in the air spinning your upper body one way and lower body the other. Start with your board off to develop the muscle memory with a little more room for error.

Counter Rotation

Frontside Shifty

For a Frontside Shifty, you want to rotate so your hips and knees are facing forward while you rotate your upper body so your hands are over your imaginary tail. At this stage just counter rotate, then rotate back to a snowboard position in two bounces. Try to rotate at least 90º feeling a twist through your core as you Shifty. Then try to do a Shifty and bring it back all in one jump.

Frontside ShiftyYou’ll need a bit of hang time to make this look smooth.

Backside Shifty

You can also do Shifties in the Backside direction, rotating your lower body so your calves and butt are facing forwards while your upper body move over where the nose of your board would be. Start by breaking it into two bounces, then do it all in one jump!

Backside ShiftyHaving a solid Backside Shifty will help you have a great Method Grab later on.

Board On!

Now it’s time to grab the Tramp Board for that real snowboard feel! Go through the same steps with the board on but start by breaking the trick down into two bounces then putting it all together.

Backside Shifty In Two BouncesPractise makes perfect.

Trick Tip: For a Frontside and Backside Shifty, make sure to suck up you legs to keep things stylish. If you pre-wind a bit in the opposite direction before you shifty you might even be able to get your board close to 180.

Add Style

Once your Shifties are feeling comfortable add a bit of your own style, make ninja gestures or try them with grabs. If you had trouble getting the Stalefish or Melon grab in the past, a Shifty will help make it easier to reach and add that little bit of tweak.

Melon GrabAlways add style.

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