How To 360 With Grabs On A Tramp Board

How To 360 With Grabs On A Tramp Board

This is a Tramp Board tutorial on how to style out your 360s with grabs. Practice them on a trampoline so you can hit the mountain knowing you have them dialled in!

If you're not even sure what a 360 is or you're just looking to brush up on your skills, then check out these tutorials:

(Rider: Saxon Farnworth. Film/Editing: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

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1) Get Comfortable With Grabs

Before you start doing anything fancy and start showing off to your buddies, get comfortable doing a whole range of different grabs. Try the 6 main grabs: Indy, Mute, Stalefish, Melon, Tail, Nose. Once confident with these, experiment with some harder grabs such as a double grab, a chicken salad grab or even the beef curtains grab - Yep, these are the names of real snowboard grabs!

Mute Grab                                                      

Indy Grab

Nose Grab 

Tail Grab

The Number 1 Tip For Stylish Looking Grabs!

Remember when doing grabs, bring your knees to your chest. Don't reach down, it looks messy and throws you off axis. Bringing your knees to your chest will make grabbing your board so much easier and it also looks a lot more stylish. You keep better balance this way too! Win, win, win!

Bring your knee to YOU

For more tips on the different grabs to try, check out our Grab Directory.

2) Rotating 

Got your grabs on lockdown? Now it's time to start practicing your 3's.
 Spinning 360Just get comfortable rotating in the air without a grab at first. Remember, you want your UPPER and LOWER body rotating at the SAME TIME.

Once you are comfortable spotting your landing and you're stomping your 3's, move onto grabbing your board whilst rotating. 

3) Timing Is Everything!

Don't rush your grab! We noticed with new riders trying 360's with grabs, that they would often reach down and grab their board TOO EARLY in the rotation. 

 Rushing your 360 grab. Take it slow ;)

Don't reach down too early to grab your board. Get some air to start with. Start rotating. Lift your knees and grab your board only when your knees are up to your chest.

Reaching Down Too Early                           

Reaching down too early. Perfect Timing - Knees are up, hand grabs board with ease!

Indy 360You might need to rotate 90° or even 180° before you can get your knees high enough to make the grab. Just take it slow. Practice makes perfect. That's the beauty of our Tramp Training Board, you can practice as many times as you want on a trampoline. As you practice, you will notice you can grab your board earlier and earlier in your spin as you improve your timing.

Two Key Points To Improve Your Timing For Grabs

i) POP FIRST                                                          

POP First ii) THEN ROTATE. Reach for the grab only when your knees lift up and you have initiated your rotation.

Get that Rotation Going Baby

4) Don't Look Down

Don't LOOK DOWN at the board to make your grab. Looking down will throw you off axis, causing you to hit the deck.

  • For Frontside 360s, you will use the blind landing technique.
  • For Backside 360s, you will see your landing at around 270 degrees through your spin.

Dont look down, or you will stack it.

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