How To Stall Out Your 360s On A Tramp Board

How To Stall Out Your 360s On A Tramp Board

This is a free tutorial in our Tramp Board Spins Series.

The Tramp Training Board training tutorial below, introduces you to stalled out 360s. Learn how to do these on the trampoline, so you hit the snow stomping big, stylish, stalled out 3s!

(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

Stalled Out 360 Tips

In our Stalled Out 360 tutorial you will be using a technique called counter rotation. Counter rotation is where your upper and lower body twist against each other.

Make sure you have it dialled as this technique will come in handy later on in the blog.

Getting Warmed Up

Start off by just jumping around and just getting a feel for the tramp. Once you're comfortable, try a couple of Frontside (FS) 3s. This will get you familiar with the rotation, as well as give you more confidence for trying those stalled out 3s you'll be stommmmping in just a moment!

If you have not seen our how to video on How To Frontside 360, check it out first as it is a prerequisite to this trick.

How To Stall Out Your 360s

The basic concept of a stalled out 360, is where the upper body goes into the rotation faster, while the lower body is left behind in the stalled out position (this is where counter rotation comes in). At the very last moment, the lower body comes around to complete the stalled out 3. 

There are some key things to remember:

  • Initiate the spin
  • Use counter rotation to stall out your 360
  • At the last moment, bring the rest of the spin around to finish the spin

Do the EXACT SAME for BS Stalled out 3s.

Make sure you are really good at 360s and counter rotation first. Once you've got those dialled, you can then experiment with adding that stalled out movement into your 3s.

Training Habit To Get Into

When tramp board training, imagine your actually snowboarding! What we mean by that is look in the direction you would be heading if you were on the snow. This will dramatically improve your tramp board tricks. Then, when you take these refined tricks to the snow, your habits of correctly looking in the right place at the right time will already be locked down!

For more help with spins, flips, corks or grabs, make sure you check out our other videos via our Membership.

Want Your Own Training Gear?

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