How To Add Grabs To Your Spins

How To Add Grabs To Spins On A Tramp Board

Adding grab’s to your spins not only adds a tonne of style, but it can also create better momentum and stability in the air. Most spins tend to benefit from grabs that let your shoulders lead in the direction of rotation. Therefore, you can use specific grabs to complement certain spins in certain directions.

If you're not quite up to adding grabs to your spins yet and need to keep dialling in your grabs, check out all our great Tramp Board Grab tutorials now.

(Narrating/Riding: Chase Baines. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

Frontside Spins

Indy and Melon are common grabs that many riders use when spinning Frontside. This is because, the position of your shoulders and upper body when grabbing Indy or Melon will help you create and maintain Frontside spin momentum.

How To Add Grabs To SpinsNev grabbing Melon while spinning a Frontside 3.

Backside Spins

Now, we're not saying some grabs can't be done with certain spin directions. Some grabs just go with certain spin directions perfectly.

For example, Mute and Stalefish will position your shoulders in the opposite direction to a Frontside spin. That is why they go so well with and help Backside spins.

How To Add Grabs To SpinsChase demonstrating a Mute and Stalefish grab while rotating a Backside 3.

Remember Your Spinning Technique

Before trying to throw grabs in with your spins, concentrate on getting the proper pop and initiation first. Make sure you can pull your knees up high and stay in a stable position while rotating.

A common mistake made when learning to combine grabs with spins, is to drop the upper body downward in order to grab the board on initiation. Doing this can throw you off balance in the air or into an improper axis.

After you initiate into your spin, concentrate on keeping your head and upper body upright pulling the board up to your grabbing hand. This will help you to rotate in a stable flat position.

Going For Your First Grab

A great place to start when first attempting to grab through your spins, is to concentrate on keeping your head and upper body upright while hovering your hands near your bindings.

How To Add Grabs To SpinsThis body position will help you get the feeling of rotating in a tucked up position while staying on a stable axis.

Practicing spinning in this position will help you quickly access the basic grabs without changing your body position in a way that will put you off balance or slow your momentum.

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