How To Barrel Roll Backflip On A Tramp Board

How To Barrel Roll Backflip On A Tramp Board

Barrel Roll Backflips are going to feel the most natural on a trampoline. No angles for takeoff and landing make this the easiest way to start learning this trick, far easier than learning it on snow. So if you're just starting to get into inverts on your Tramp Board, this is a good place to start!

If you're ready to take this trick to snow, check out our on snow version:

(Narrating/Riding: Chase Baines. Film/Edit: Adison Macdonald. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

Step 1

Stand facing forward as you would normally on a trampoline. This will have you standing at 90 degrees to your Regular or Goofy footed stance. From this position, bounce into a back drop while holding the board straight up in the air as you hit the trampoline. Then, pop from your back into the flip.

How To Barrel Roll Backflip On A Tramp BoardThis little drill will help you get the inverted feeling and give you a good idea about how to spot your landing.

Step 2

The full flip is going to take a bigger bounce and little more momentum from your arms and upper body. As you extend your legs to bounce, push out with your hips and arch your back into the flip. Swing your arms up and back for some extra momentum and follow all the way through with your bounce.

How To Barrel Roll Backflip On A Tramp BoardMake sure you're jumping upward on your initiation and that you're not pushing backwards from the trampoline.

Step 3

As you arch your back and swing your arms into the flip, look upwards towards toward the sky. This will place your head in position to spot the trampoline early, ultimately making it easier to know where you are in the rotation. It also helps you know when you need to engage your core muscles to pull your legs toward the landing.

How To Barrel Roll Backflip On A Tramp BoardEyes on the prize!

There it is! All the tips you need so you can go out and learn the Barrel Roll Backflip. Then when you're ready, take it to the hill and watch those jaw drops.

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