How To Frontside 270 In On A Training Board

How To Frontside 270 In On A Training Board

Check yourself before you wreck yourself when attacking one of the more difficult jib tricks out there, the Frontside 270 In. Before chucking away on snow right away, we're here to give you the 101 on breaking this trick down and stomping it with your Jib Board and Balance Bar right from your own living room.

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(Narating/Riding: Saxon Farnworth, Filmer: Vince Emond

Before you tackle the Frontside 270 In there are a few tricks you want to have down;

  • 180 In.
  • Front 3 on flat.
  • Switch Front Boards. 

Got those down no problem? Sounds like you're ready for the Frontside 270 In. Start by throwing a few 270's on flat to get yourself in the right head space. Now line up your Balance Bar on your backside, pushing back slightly as you initiate the spin. 

How to 270 In On A Jib Board 
Positioning the Balance Bar for the 270 In

It may take a couple of tries to work out the right backwards force to use when jumping to land in the right position on the Balance Bar (feature), Aim to land on your Balance Bar in the centre of your Training Board. Then pop off the bar on the opposite side you jumped in on. Alternatively you can pull back to switch and land on the same side that you took off from.

How to 270 In On A Jib Board 
Locking in that centred landing position

The key to maintaining stability while rotating this trick is your shoulder position. Focus on stopping your shoulder rotation at 180 degrees and then following through the rest of the movement solely with your hips.

How to 270 In On A Jib Board 
Halting that shoulder rotation and following through with the hips

Our No. 2 biggest tip to stomp this is if you're planning to spin out switch, set up by planting on the rail with your back foot so you have a better point to push off from, rather than the previously mentioned centre landing. 

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