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Trick Tips

We've created a catalog of short trick tips that can all be enjoyed in 1-minute or less. Whether it's specific fundamentals for a trick you want to learn or just proper etiquette for the terrain park, we have a video for it!


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First Trick Of The Day (50-50)
Warm Up Lap
Dropping Into The Park
Backside 50-50 
50-50 Shuffle
50-50 Changeup to Back Board 
50-50 Changeup to Front Board 
Locking Into A Long Feature
Hitting A Jump
How To Crash 
Indy Grab 
Nose Grab 
Tail Grab 
Backside 180 Seatbelt 
Finding Side Hits
How to Float On Pow
Planning Your Route In Pow
Having Fun In Pow 
Side Hits In The Park
Backside 360 Off Bigger Jumps
Spinning Frontside Off The Toes 
Backside Beginner Hand Plant 
Backside Hand Plant Nose Grab
Back Board To Front Board (counter-rotation)
Switch Back Board To Front Board 
Frontside Boardslide
Boardslide Streetstyle Features
Switch Front 180 In
Back Blunt Switchup 
Back Tail 
Back Lip 
Boardslide Through A Kink
Front Blunt 270 
Back Blunt 270
Half Cab 50-50 Backside 360
Cab 180 Pretz 360 
270 to 450 Out 
Front Cork 3
Backside Cork 540 
Cab Cork 540 
Backside Rodeo 
Front Rodeo on a Hip 
Haakon Flip
Rippey Flip 
Wildcat Tucknee Indy 
Backside 720 
Frontside 720 on a Hip 
Switch Back 720 
Cab 720 
Frontside 900 
Switch Back 900 
Frontside 1080