Training Board Comparisons

Tramp Board And Jib Board Comparison

The Tramp Board has been designed with a dense, grippy base material to grip your trampoline. This gives you purchase on the tramp to wind up for spins, flips and corks.
The Tramp Board will grip the Balance Bar to make training for jib tricks fun and easier than jibbing with the Jib Board. We recommend the Tramp Training Board if you are a beginner jibber, or if your primary focus is training on trampolines.
Snowboard Addiction Tramp Board
The Jib Board has been designed with a P-TEX base to provide a more realistic feel on the Balance Bar.
Jib Board Base
Because the Jib Board has a P-TEX base, it won’t grip the trampoline or Balance Bar as well as the Tramp Board. The Jib Board is optimized for people looking to improve there box and rail game.


Snowboard Addiction Jib Board