Training Bindings FAQ

If I Order, When Will It Arrive?
If you would like to receive your order as fast as possible, select express shipping at the checkout screen. Please visit our shipping page for more information on our shipping policy and delivery times: 

What Is The Reason Behind The Pricing?
We produce our bindings in the same factory where actual snowboard bindings are made to ensure superior quality and realistic features. Our bindings are made with a high quality ratchet system, EVA foam and molded with the exact same high density plastic as traditional snowboard bindings. Due to our level of product quality and manufacturing processes, production cost does rise which leads our products to be premium training equipment and earn exceptionally low warranty claims.

What Size Bindings Should I get?
Our Training Bindings are a "one size fits all" as they accommodate foot sizes between Kids US 5 to Mens US 11. 

KidsKids With Small Feet Can Wear Their Shoes In The Bindings.
SocksAdults With Sizes US 5 To US 11 Mens Can Strap In With Just Socks In The Bindings.
ShoesAdults With Sizes US 5 To US 11 Mens Can Strap In With Shoes.

EST/Channel Binding Options?
We do not offer an EST or Channel binding system for our Snowboards or Training Boards.  Our 4 hole mounting system is the exact same mounting system you would find on most snowboards. Each binding attaches to the board with 4 screws that go through the base plate into the Training Board. 

4 Hole Mounting System
We Use A Traditional 4-Hole Mounting System, Just Like Actual Snowboard Bindings. 

Bindings Safe For Trampoline?
Yes, our bindings are safe for trampolines as they have been specifically designed for trampoline use.

Bindings For TrampOur Training Bindings Don't Have Any Sharp Edges, Making It Safe For Your Trampoline.

What The Bindings Are Made Of?
Our Binding uses a dense plastic like most light bindings. We added gel padding and rubber on the inside of the binding for comfort. The bindings have also been designed to be safe for use on trampolines and in trampoline facilities.

No Sharp Edges
Comfy And Realistic.

I have Big Feet, Can I Use The Bindings?
Our Training Bindings have been designed to be one size fits all. If your foot size is over US 11 mens, you should find that by taking out the back heel cup gel pad adds a few cm of space. Unless you’re impacted with your training it shouldn’t matter if there is a little overhang. If you're not comfortable with the above adjustment, you can remove the rubber insert and wear shoes in the Bindings Frame.

No Rubber
Remove The Heel Cup Pad And The Rubber Insert.

Shoes In BindingsThen Strap In With Your Shoes.

Why Should I Get These Over Using My Normal Bindings?
Your normal bindings will work fine, however you will likely need to put your snowboard boots on to get a proper lock in your binding. With our binding, you can jump straight in, bare feet and start training. No need to put clumsy boots on or sweat up inside your boots. You can simply train in comfort and with ease.

Training Bindings
Our Training Bindings Are Comfy, Breathable, Easy To Use. Train Within Seconds.
Snowboard Bidnings
Snowboard Boots Are Uncomfortable, Sweaty And Take Ages To Get On Before You Can Start Training.

Do The Board And Bindings Come Together?
Our Training Boards and Training Bindings do not come together. The reason for this is because we use a traditional 4 hole mounting system and if you wanted to, you could use your own snowboard bindings. We recommend using our Training Bindings as they have been designed to for your comfort and ease of use.

Can I Use These Bindings With My Actual Snowboard
We recommend our Training Bindings for use only in conjunction with our Tramp Training Board (train for jump tricks) and our Jib Training Board (train for jib tricks)

I Need Spare Parts
Please reach out to us at to learn more on how to get spare parts.

How To Set Up Your Bindings
The ideal stance for your Training Board Bindings is the same stance as for your snowboard, have your feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider. Adjust your Training Bindings so that your feet are in a "duck feet" position with angles of -15 and +15 degrees. For more information on how to setup your Training Board and Training Bindings, check out our blog.

What Is Your Warranty And Returns Policy?
We have a lifetime warranty on our base plate. We also have a 1 year Hassle Free Warranty on all manufacturing defects. Shred Hard and Go Big! We are so confident you will love your training gear, we have a 30 days, 100% money back guarantee.