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Annual Membership
$39.99USD per year. 250+ Snowboard Tutorials.
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Here is just a taste of what ADDICTION+ includes!

Weekly live training sessions every Wednesday!

Beginner Hacks 
Regular Or Goofy 
Parts Of A Snowboard 
How To Strap In 
Balanced Position
How To Skate On A Snowboard 
How To Climb Up & Down 
How To One Foot Straight Line
How To One Foot Turn 
How To One Foot Sideslip 
How To Ride One Footed 
How To Stand Up 
How To Sideslip 
How To Traverse 
Almost Turning 
First Turns

Pressure Through Turns 
4 Moves That Will Change Your Life 
How To Eurocarve 
Ideal Turns & Filming 
Weight Over The Top Of Your Board
How To Ride In Alignment  
Round Smooth Turns 
How To Improve Your Riding 
How To Ride Bumpy Terrain & Moguls 
Experimenting With Stance 
Using Your Body To Make Turns 
How To Ride Trees & Gladed Runs 
Switch Riding 
Riding Pow
Backcountry Safety 
Intermediate Riding Basics 
Intermediate Riding Challenge

Basic Buttering Position 
How To Ride In The Buttering Position 
How To Penguin Walk 
How To Add Ollies & Nollies 
How To Ground Spin 
How To Add Direction To Your Butters 
How To Butter With Grabs 
How To Nose & Tail Spin 
How To Counter Rotated 360 
How To Tail Slide 270 Out 
How To Front Blunt 270 Out 
How To High Press & Blunt Slide 
How To 180 Nose Roll 
How To 360 Nose Roll
How To Tail Butter 180 
How To 180 Tail Butter 180 Out 
How To 180 Tail Butter 360 Out 
How To MFM Butter 
How To Caballerial

How To Ollie
Fall Line Jumps 
Your First Jump
How To Pop Off Jumps
How To Ollie 
How To Hit A Jump 
Hitting Bigger Jumps
How To Hit A Frontside Hip 
How To Hit A Backside Hip 
How To Frontside Shifty 
How To Backside Shifty 
How To Switch Straight Air
Hitting Bigger Jumps
How To Hit An Air Bag 
Entry Paths For Spins
Riding Halfpipe 

Basic Grabs 
How To Nose & Tail Grab 
How To Add Style To Your Grabs 
How To Method 

Your First Frontside 180s 
How To Frontside 180 On Park Jumps 
How To Advanced Frontside 180 
How To Shifty Frontside 180 
How To Improve Your Frontside 180s 
Your First Backside 180s 
How To Backside 180 On Park Jumps 
How To Backside 180 With Grabs
How To Backside 180 Melon 
How To Shifty Backside 180 
How To Improve Your Backside 180s
How To Switch 180
Your First Frontside 360s 
How To Frontside 360 On Park Jumps
How To Improve Your Frontside 360s
Your First Backside 360s 
How To Backside 360 On Park Jumps 
How To Improve Your Backside 360s 
How To 360 With Grabs 
Advanced Spinning 
Frontside Spinning 
Backside Spinning
How To Spin Frontside From The Toe Edge
Entry Paths For Spinning 
How To Land Spins
How To Frontside 54

How To Wildcat
How To Tamedog 
How To Laid-Out Backflip 
How To Barrel Roll Backflip 
How To Frontside Cork 540 
How To Backside Cork 540 
How To Miller Flip 
Corked Spins 

Snowboard Jibbing 
Your First 50-50
How To Hit A Feature 
How To Backside Boardslide
How To Backside Boardslide To Fakie 
How To Improve Your Backside Boardslides 
How To Frontside Boardslide 
How To Frontside Boardslide To Fakie
How To Improve Your Frontside Boardslides Sliding On Your Board 
How To Tail Press 
How To Nose Press 
How To Frontside 50-50 
How To Backside 50-50 
How To 50-50 Backside 180
Naming Tricks
How To Boardslide Street Style Features 
How To Frontside Lipslide
How To Backside Lipslide 
How To Learn Advanced Jib Tricks 
How To 50-50 Frontside 180
How To 270 Out 
How To 270 In 

Chick Tips 
How To Ollie 
How To Hit A Jump 
How To Hit A Box  
How To Do A Backside Boardslide [Approach]
How To Do A Backside Boardslide [Common Mistakes & Landing] 
How To Frontside 180 Out [Approach] 
How To Frontside 180 Out [Preload & Landing] 

How To Set Up Your Training Board 
How To Get Moving On Your Training Board 
Rotation Vs. Counter Rotation 
Keeping Your Head Up 
Snowboard Terminology 
How To Frontside 180
How To Backside 180
How To Switch Backside 180 On A Training Board
How To 50-50 On A Training Board 
How To Boardslide
How To Backside Boardslide
How To Frontside Boardslide 
How To Lipslide 
How To Nose & Tail Press
How To Nose & Tail Slide 
How To Bluntslide
Hold Longer Tricks 
How To Soften Your Landings
50-50 Front 180 Out 
50-50 Back 180 Out 
Nose/Tail 180 Out 
180s Into Boxes & Rails 
Tailslide 270 Out
Front Blunt 270 Out 
Change Ups
How To Cab 180 In On A Training Board

Getting Comfortable 
Basic Grabs
How To Nose & Tail Grab 
How To Shifty 
How To Tweak & Bone Your Tricks 
How To Method 
How To Japan 
How To Crail & Seatbelt 
Introduction To Spins 
How To Frontside & Cab 180 
How To Backside 180 
How To Frontside 360 
How To Backside 360 
How To 360 On A Tramp Board 
Improve Your 360s 
Stalled Out 360s 
360s With Grabs 
How To Add Grabs To Spins
How To Wildcat 
How To Barrel Roll Backflip 

How To Get Over A Mental Block
Mental Training
Pre-Season Training Drills
Pre-Season Training 30 Minute Workout 
On Hill Warmup 
Grab Warm Up
Mounting Systems: EST Vs. 4-Hole
How To Set Up Your Snowboard
How To Adjust Your Bindings
How To De-Tune Your Snowboard
How To Wax Your Snowboard
How To Scrape Your Snowboard
Board Tuning 
Board Setup 
How To Buy A Snowboard
How To 270 In On A Training Board

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You can Stream or Download our tutorials on any device, including your phone.

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What our Members think about ADDICTION+



The snowboard addiction guys will capture you instantly! The tutorials have crystal clarity, are pleasant, Precise, and relatively short. with just the correct tips and information you need, I find them very inspiring from all aspects if you pay attention you can get amazing tips as a beginner that will help you focus on basic things and accelerate your learning, enhance your experience, and equip you with knowledge that could surprise even your self of what you can do without a physical training. For an intermediate rider that is evolving, this without a doubt the Real deal!! IT will equip u with just right tips info and confidence to challenge your limits and your boundaries in Your Riding, buttering, jumping, jibbing! I ve been snowboarding the same level for a couple of years. definitely my Riding level rose from intermediate to advance, I jump a hell of a loot better, execute a couple of tricks, learned dozens of tricks and started jibbing in 2 months jsut from watching this tutorials Thank you Guys Awesome job!!

David Hong


It's only my second season of snowboarding and I am surprised how far I've progressed. I occasionally wonder what it would've been like if I never came across snowboard addiction. I still remember the first time I strapped into a snowboard and realized how difficult it was to do anything. However, with persistence, I slowly improved. With this tutorial, I was able to lay a solid foundation on the fundamentals for basic riding, which has allowed me to build other skills on top of it. I went from being a fresh beginner to a solid rider who can charge down black diamonds and also hit up the park. The instructors in the video are great and go in-depth on what to do and what to avoid when snowboarding. These tutorials helped me to focus on what to work on when riding (ex. switch riding, presses, ollies, etc.) as much as I can while having fun at the same time. Best of all, I love the reaction that others get when they find out that I've only been snowboarding for 2 seasons. This really gave me an understanding of why quality goes beyond quantity. When it comes to quality, snowboard addiction delivers!

Jerry Hung


It is way beyond expectation ! The content more than enough and they are very helpful. I love the balance bar videos especially. I will purchase the annual membership after I learn all the tricks. In short, this will never disappoint you.



Spending the money on the Membership was 100% worth it. Before I got the membership I could hit medium park jumps but only straight air. After 1 season with the Membership I progressed from straight airs to spinning frontside and backside 360's on medium jumps and straight airing large park jumps. I also got better at buttering and can layout a euro carve. There are way more tutorials in the Membership than what is free online, plus there are no ads to distract you.



After two years with the streaming Membership it's time to say "Thank you guys". Your videos gave me a lot of inspiration and a boost of motivation. Before I watched the videos I was able to get down most of the slopes. Most times a little insecure and with little confidence. Your videos on intermediate riding with tips to pressing through turns, little exercises like hopping while traversing, riding switch etc. gave me the motivation to set goals for this seasons. I started the pre season-Training two month ago, straped my board on indoors a few times and tried my first buttering positions, carving posture, hops, ollies etc. Now I've had my first days on the mountain for this season and I am very proud. I can ride switch on mellow slopes, I am much more self confident making my turns regular. I nearly eliminated scattering due to improved posture and pressing through turns. It's a pleasure to watch your videos and bring the knowledge you provide to the mountain. They are made with love, effort and a lot of know how. You're breaking complex things down in simple movements to improve our riding. That's great. Keep going on with more tutorial, I will keep my membership and am looking forward to the shipment of my recently ordered jib-board and bindings. Greetings and happy shredding Toking P.S. hope my grammer is not too worse, but I'm not a native speaker



Signed streaming membership, watched two videos, mind is blown...



Super detailed tutorials, each one broken down from easy to more challenging steps. It really worth the money. Couple of specific reviews: - Warm-up video is full of good tips. - Workout video is good, snowboard specific, but I'd say it is not outstanding in terms of "snowboard addiction" quality. From what I learn on it, I'm adding to my workouts: 1) Dropping squats 2) Being more focus on back muscle (over chest ones) exercises to protect shoulders on falls I have huge expectations for next season, I already started felling more confident, great progress in muscle memory. a) If your concern is the money, the price is already bellow of one hour of a personal coach b) If you have a way to train with a board during off season, this is a great deal for the whole year c) Tip: You might want to consider subscribing to their newsletter, they usually send some discounts code.