Bulk Ordering

    Bulk Ordering, Bulk Savings!

    What we can do for you is, if you would like between 1 and 4 setups we can provide a one time 20% discount. If you were to order a quantity of 5 of a particular SKU, we can offer a minimum 36% discount. Our products ship in 5 packs which makes for cheaper shipping than shipping items individually. If you were to order 10 or 20+ of a particular SKU, the discount would increase.

    If you are interested I can send you an invoice with accurate pricing, all we require is:

    - Order (Amount of units you want of each product)
    - Full name of responsible person (representing your business for this order - probably yourself)
    - Full Company name
    - Full Address, postal code and additional delivery information
    - Email address
    - Phone number
    - Your payment method (We prefer payment via Credit Card, no need to include your details)

    Contact Us For More Info:

    Email: support@snowboardaddiction.com
    Call us toll free in USA & Canada: 18-MOR-POWDER (1866-776-9337)
    International phone number: +1 604 962 1660

    Bulk Ordering FAQ:

    For more information and answers to our most frequently asked questions, please visit: https://snowboardaddiction.com/pages/bulkorder-faq 

    Thank you! We know you'll love our gear!