Bulk Ordering FAQ

What Do I Need To Know About The Products?

  • All prices are in USD.
  • 5 packs receive a minimum 36% discount.
  • Bulk order pricing is only offered to 5 or more of a particular SKU.We recommend marking up our products to the RRP if reselling.
  • We do not offer free shipping on 5pack orders.
  • Each product only ships in 5 pack boxes for cheaper shipping and convenience.
  • Our products can be resold, rented or included in admission of your facility.

    What Products Would You Recommend?

    We would recommend our Tramp Board and our Training Bindings, for any tramp facility. The Tramp Board is designed for use on trampolines and the bindings are designed with no sharp parts so they won't damage or rip the mat of the trampoline. We also have a lot of other tramp facilities buy our other products such as the P-tex based board, called The Jib Board and our Balance Bar, but tramp facilities almost always buy more Tramp Boards and Training Bindings than anything else.

    We Want To Thank You For Your Support!

    We are available 7 days a week and here to help you. You will have a designated Snowboard Addiction Rep handling your account and looking out for you and your needs.

    We have a huge community of Snowboard Addicts of more than 500 thousand across all social media channels. We average over 100 thousand visitors to our site per month. This past year we've had a number of videos go viral, our best video was viewed more than 11 million times on Facebook alone!

    Any bulk order customer of ours gets to join our "find a store" page. We will post your content you send us to our social media as an additional service for free.

    A little secret...If you provide us with a high quality review of our products, we will send you free gear to say thanks!