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Snowboard Addiction Branding Guidelines

You can download are logos as:

  1. Snowboard Addiction (white background) - JPEG
  2. Snowboard Addiction (transparent) - PNG
  3. SA (white background) - JPEG
  4. Snowboard Addiction (transparent) - PNG

Logo Guidelines:

To preserve the Snowboard Addiction logo's integrity, always maintain a minimum clear space around the logo to the same size as a the capital S of Snowboard. The clear space isolates the logo from competing graphics elements such as other logos and copy.

Brand Colours:

Our branding blue colour break down:

  • CMYK = 70 15 0 0
  • RGB = 40 170 225
  • Web = #2daae1
  • Pantone = 298c

  • Brand Typeface:

    Snowboard Addiction uses two type faces.
  • For all titles we use "Oswald - Regular".
  • For the main body of content we use "Helvetica - Regular"