How To Skate On A Snowboard

How To Skate On A Snowboard

Skating is how you get around on your snowboard, when you only have your front foot strapped into your snowboard. It is an essential skill in snowboarding. Whether it's getting on or off the chair, getting across a damn flat spot or busting out a one-footed double backflip.

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(Narrating/Riding: Duncan Mainland & Nev Lapwood. Filming/Editing: Vince Emond)

Skating on a snowboard is similar to skating on... Well, a skateboard. It's simply leading with your front leg and pushing forward with your free back leg.

The First Step

Stand with your knees slightly bent and your head up, looking where you’re going. You can even keep your arms out for balance if you need to, pushing with your free foot behind or in front of your snowboard. 

SkatingGive both a try and see what feels right to you.
The most popular and arguably the "less Jerry" way is to skate with your foot behind

You’ll probably start by doing small little shuffles as you try to find balance. Try to develop this into big long pushes. Once you get get a bit of momentum, put your free foot on your board against your back binding and coast for a little bit.

SkatingSit back & enjoy the ride.

Trick Tip: This is a great chance to get used to how your board slides on snow. Spend some time pushing around and getting comfortable on the flats before you get on the hill.

Turning Around

If you need to turn around, plant your free foot in the snow in front or behind your board and pivot around it.

Turning around
Easy enough right? Pop Shovit for extra fun.


Once you are comfortable gliding around, start playing around with your edges. Lean into the tongue of your boots to put a little pressure onto your toe edge, giving you a clean toeside turn. Lean slightly into your high backs to apply pressure to your heel edge for a slight heelside turn. 

SkatingToe edge pressure and heel edge pressure.

Fun Ways To Practice

If you’re learning with friends, there are some fun games you can do to practice and improve your skating.


The first game is a simple race and works like almost any other race out there; Pick a finish line and the first person to cross the finish line is the winner.

RaceLast one there is a rotten egg!


The next drill is a classic game of tag. This will force you to move around quickly as you try and escape being tagged by your mate. It will also challenge your balance and ruin the freshly groomed corduroy! 

TagGet back here you little bastard!

Obstacle Course

The last game is setting up an obstacle course and going full Ninja Warrior. Lay down some gloves and practice weaving in and out of them to challenge your skating skills. 

Obstacle CourseWeave in & out like you would past a skier in the lift line.

Extra Challenge

If you're confident skating and want to step it up, try skating with your opposite foot or even start adding some one footed tricks into your park sessions


Whether you’re with a group or by yourself, put the time in and get comfortable skating. It’s something you do a lot when snowboarding and will get you well on your way to enjoying more of the mountain. 

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