How To Strap In

How To Strap In

When you first learn to snowboard, you may feel that it's easier to strap in sitting down. However, this technique has it's disadvantages because it takes a lot of time and energy to push yourself up from this position, you look like a beginner and it gives you a wet butt!

Practicing the tips mentioned in this tutorial will have you strapping in standing up; saving you and your buddies time at the top of the mountain, while reducing your energy exertion just before you drop in!

(Narrating: Duncan Mainland. Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

To Start

Find a flat piece of terrain and put your board down flat, base down. Make sure you keep a foot on it as snowboards have a tendency to run off on you. Start by strapping in your front foot. That's your:

  • Left foot if you're Regular
  • Right foot if you're Goofy

Get all of your straps undone by lifting up the tabs on the buckles and pulling out the ladders. Remove any snow that may have accumulated in the footbed by wiping it out with your glove. If you don't, it can build up throughout the day and can make it difficulty to get your foot in all snuggly like.

Get It In There

Place your front foot into the binding with the back of the boot up against the highback.

Strapping InGet in there nice and real deep like.

Make sure to get your heel all the way back in the binding with your boot resting against the highback. It may take a bit of wiggling or a tap from your fist, but you'll get there.

Strapping In

With you foot now in the binding, slide the ladder into the buckle of the ankle strap and tighten up the ratchet. Not so tight that you're foot is going to fall off, but tight enough that it's not wiggling around in the baseplate.

Now do the same thing with the toe strap. Slide the ladder into the buckle and tighten the ratchet.

Other Hot Tips

  • When finding a spot to strap in, always check that you aren't blocking someone behind you who is almost strapped in and about to drop in!
  • Make sure when you strap in, that you choose a spot that isn't blocking a main path or a spot that riders above you would not be able to see you (Eg: the backside of a roller, knuckle or jump).
  • Persistence! This is worth practicing every time you strap in. Your arms, wrists and butt will thank you for it!

There you go. You've just strapped in while standing up, you've got that back leg still free and you're ready to skate about! Happy shredding.

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