How To One Foot Sideslip

How To One Foot Sideslip

Almost ready to start sideslipping but not quite confident enough to lock in both of your feet? The one foot sideslip will help you get the feeling of side-slipping, and you'll still have a safety foot ready to stope you before you torpedo down the hill.

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(Narrating/riding: Duncan Mainland and Mike Barton, Filming/Editing: Vince Emond.)

A sideslip is when you move down the hill with your board perpendicular to the slope. You will be using your edge, either toe or heel, to control your speed. The steeper your board is angled, the slower you will be moving. The lower your board is angled, the fast you will go. You can think of it like a gas pedal. 

Step One: The Heel Edge Sideslip

Heel Edge Sideslip 
Cruising along on that heel edge

Start with your heel dug into the snow, and your board across the fall line. Place your back foot against the inside of your bindings to get a feel for what being strapped in will feel like. Slowly add pressure to your toes to start moving forward and sliding down the hill. Keep pressure even on both feet, to avoid your board turning and straight lining down the hill. A trick to keeping pressure even is to hold your hands over the nose and tail of your board and your head upright.

Body Position While Sideslipping 
Keeping that body position tight

Your body will lean the way that you are looking or that your hands are pointing. Keeping yourself square will help keep your sideslip controlled.

Step Two: Switch To Your Toe Edge

Start with your chest and head facing up the hill and your toe edge dug into the snow

Toe Edge Sideslip 
Keep yourself even and get on your toe edge

The toe edge sideslip is a little more difficult, because you are not looking in the direction you are travelling in. You also have to resist the temptation to look where you are going while you are moving, because rotating your body to look, will also rotate your board. Instead stop every couple of metres to check your blind spot.

Checking your Blindspot 
Mikey stopping and checking his blindspot

Take time getting used to both heel and toe edge sideslips, as you don't want to be a one edged rider!

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