First Turns

First Turns

In this tutorial, we're going to link everything together and solve the puzzle of riding your snowboard and dialling in your first turns. If you need the 14 earlier Beginner Riding tutorials, check them out on the Snowboard Tutorial Membership as they will teach you the fundamental skills leading up to this tutorial.

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(Narrating/Rider: Duncan Mainland/Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Vince Emond)

Toe Side Turn

Your snowboard turns have to happen in one smooth movement. Start off in a heel side slide slip (body facing down hill). When you're ready to start a toe side turn, press down on your front foot. As your board starts to point down hill, rotate your head, shoulders and hips. Keep rotating all the way round until your front hand is pointing to the other side of the slope and you're on a toe side edge (body facing up the mountain).

Heel edge to toe edge transfer
Transfer your weight from your heel edge to your toe edge.

Heel Side Turn

Now that you're on your toe side (body now faces up hill), you need to initiate a heel side turn. This is often easier to do as a beginner.

When you're ready, put your weight onto your front foot. Your board will begin to point straight down the hill. Engage your heels into the snow and slide around (See below):

First Turns
Yahooo! You've just completed your first toe side turn and heel side turn! Now we need to work on linking everything together in one flowing movement!

Transferring Your WeightTransfer your weight from your toe edge to your heel edge, heel edge to toe edge in a flowing motion.

Feel The Flow!

Never force your turns. When you initiate a turn, transfer the energy from your head, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles...into your board. This will ensure you're turns are clean and flow.
First Turn
Smooth as. Initiate your turns with your head, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles. The board will flow with you.

Common Problems:

1. Leaning Too Far Back: One common problem many snowboards experience when learning how to turn, is leaning too far back during the transition from heel to toe side (when you're pointing down the hill). You're going to pick up some speed as your board points down the hill, so it's natural to freak out a little bit and lean back. However, when you lean back, it actually makes it way harder to turn the board. You want to have your weight forward, letting your board pivot around your front foot so that the back foot can slide around more freely.

2. Counter Rotating: A horrendous issue with self taught snowboarders, is that they often counter rotate their upper body and lower body to turn. If you feel you have to huck a turn, or your body is often out of alignment when turning, you're doing it all wrong! Counter rotation has a place in snowboarding; for stopping, burning speed and for various park tricks, but it should not seep into your normal riding! Keep everything (head, shoulders, hips, knees and board) aligned as much as possible when turning and your technique and skills will improve outa' sight!

Final Tip:

Commit to the turn, hesitation will only make things harder!

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