Your First Frontside 180's On A Snowboard

Your First Frontside 180's On A Snowboard

The Frontside 180 (Front 1) is the easiest spin trick to learn on a snowboard and we're going to teach you how to get yours dialled! Despite being relatively easy, it has become a timeless trick that when executed with the right style, holds it's own against the gnarliest of triples.

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald)

Where To Start?

While riding on a gentle slope, start by sliding 180's on the ground. Engage your heel edge with the snow, initiate your heelside turn and continue rotating until you're riding the opposite way down the slope. You're now riding in a switch stance. 

Sliding the Frontside 180Being able to ride switch is crucial for 180's and tonnes of other freestyle tricks, so get comfortable with it!

From here, simply turn back to your regular riding stance using your heel edge. You have just completed your first Frontside 180 and Switch Frontside 180 (Cab)!

Why Is It Called "Frontside"?

It's named a Frontside spin because the front side of your body is facing downhill throughout the 180 degrees of rotation.

Sliding The Frontside 180Finishing any trick with your arms down looks way better.

Add Rotation

While you're sliding the Front 1 on snow, it's a good time to add some rotational movements with your upper body. The key is to wind up, then swing your arms and shoulders into the turn to create the momentum required for the 180. 

Upper Body MomentumTwist your body and shout at any skiers that get in your way.

At the same time, also try taking your weight off the board by slightly extending your knees, but keep the board in contact with the snow. This technique allows you to get comfortable with the feeling of jumping a Front 1, without actually jumping a Front 1.

Frontside 180's On Flats

If you try to jump a Frontside 180 from a flat base, you'll feel your board slipping out. Instead, use your edges to grip the snow. Create a slight toe edge, wind up to create the momentum and jump from your toe edge to spin the Frontside 180.

Jumping The Frontside 180Easy huh! It's a lot harder using the heel edge on a flat surface, but try it too because most Frontside spins are done from the heel edge.

Frontside 180's While Traversing

Traverse along a slope on your toe edge to do your first Frontside 180.

  • Create grip with the snow using your toe edge
  • Wind up your upper body using arms and shoulders
  • As you jump from your toe edge, swing your rear arm across your body so that it points in the new direction of travel
Swinging The Upper BodyStarting with the hand behind you and swinging it through on a toe side Front 1 will give you the momentum required to complete the spin.

Now try to time these movements with a bump in the snow to get some extra height. While traversing on your heel edge, try some Frontside 180's using a strong Ollie. You need to Ollie high as this is a harder way to spin the Frontside 180.

Front 1 Side HitSee how stylish the Front 1 can be!

Frontside 180's On Side Hits

Side hits are a jump that force you to approach on an edge and are the perfect place to learn your first Front 1's. They're a fantastic place for 180's because being on your edge gives you grip with the snow, which is essential for all spin tricks. 

Toe Edge Side HitsYou can see Nev practicing this Front 1 on his toe edge, but practice them on both your toe and heel edge.

The Importance Of Pop

As you get better with your Front 1's, it's important to add pop by extending your legs as you leave the takeoff. The more height you get means you will need less rotation throughout your spin. Your 180's will come around easier and it will make them look super floaty.

Now you can Frontside 180! With these steps, you'll now be able to progress to doing them on a gentle slope, then going bigger and bigger off side hits. Remember to explore the mountain for new side hits to try your Front 1 off, as this will advance your progression even faster (plus it's fun to annoy the safety crews).

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