How To Hit A Feature

How To Hit A Feature

Hitting your first jib features can be very intimidating and difficult, as they pretty much go against everything in snowboarding. That's why we made this tutorial; to address some of the common problems snowboarders face when trying thier first jib features and how to avoid them.

(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Speed Checks

This is the biggest problem for beginner jibbers; making way too many small turns and speed checks on the approach to the feature. A much better strategy is to pick a spot you feel comfortable dropping in from, turn your board and ride straight towards it.

How To Hit A FeatureThis allows you to concentrate on the trick that you want to learn and focus where you're going.

Lining It Up

Often times you'll see beginners falling off the feature early. What you should do is line the feature up by looking towards the very end or past it. This will provide a good angle of approach, ultimately making it far more likely you'll slide the entire length of the feature.

How To Hit A FeatureStare down the beast and become it's master.


Don't go too slow. Period. The slower you go, the more awkward it will feel. The faster you go however, the better your board is going to slide across the feature. It's that simple.


When it comes to the landing, try to land with a flat base, absorbing with your knees and ankles. Please don't slow down as soon as you hit the snow. That is what makes those icy bomb holes at the end of features and a nightmare for others. Land with that flat base, ride away straight and in control then take a mellow turn to slow down. Just like this:

How To Hit A FeatureSee how Nev is riding away clean, in control and not immediately after the feature. Be like Nev.

If you do fall over, just make sure you get out of the way ASAP as others above may not be able to see you.

There you go, four tips to help you start hitting box and rail features. Remember, it's all about minimizing those speed checks, lining the feature up straight, using a moderate speed and landing clean to ride away in glory!

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