How To Frontside Boardslide To Fakie

How To Frontside Boardslide To Fakie

In Part One of our Frontside Boardslide Mini Series that we released yesterday, we taught you how to Frontside Boardslide (Front Board). Today, we're teaching you Part Two: How To Frontside Boardslide To Fakie!

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Filming/Editing: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

How To Come Out Riding Fakie

The tricky thing about a Front Board To Fakie is that it's very hard to see where you're going or where the end of the box is while sliding in this position. You won't see a lot of people doing Front Board's To Fakie because it can seem sketchy while you're learning it.

Riding BlindYou must also watch out for Jerry's. They aways come out of nowhere.

To get more comfortable while balancing on a feature backwards, you can train with a Balance Bar and Jib Training Board. Lock in your front boardslides at home, then take your muscle memory to the mountain. 

Going Through The Motions

The motion is very similar to how you create momentum for a Backside 180. For a Back 180, approach the jump with a little bit of weight on your toe edge, wind up your upper body to create that momentum, then pop.

Backside 180 PrewindDoing a Back 180 should be smooth.

When heading towards a box for a Front Board to Fakie, create momentum in the same way. Use a tiny bit of toe edge and wind up the upper body. Use that momentum to jump 90 degrees into your Frontside Boardslide position, now sliding backwards across the feature with a flat base.

Because your upper body and lower body are more or less in line and rotating in the same direction, it allows you to come out switch at the end of the feature. Your landing will be blind, the same as landing a Backside 180 off a jump.

Front Board To Fakie
Smooth like warm butter.

Don't Get It Twisted 

The difference between Front Boards coming out the same way, and a Front Board coming out Fakie, is whether you use rotation or counter rotation with your body during the trick.

Counter RotationWhere your body is twisting against itself to come out "Same Way"
RotationWhere you body flows in the same direction to come out "Fakie"

This idea is really important because you're going to use these tactics more and more as we get into more advanced jibbing tricks.

Once you've got this trick on lock, bust it out at the right moment to surprise your friends, win a game of S.K.A.T.E. or get some "Yews" from the chair! Stay posted for the next instalment in the Frontside Boardslide Series as we're dropping part three of this FS Boardslide mini-series tomorrow!

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