How To Nose & Tail Slide

How To Nose & Tail Slide On A Training Board

The Nose & Tail Slide is a super rad, relatively simple trick because it just a variation of Boardslides. In this tutorial we will break the tricks down and show you how to dial it in at home so you can confidently take it to the hill. If you're looking for the pre-requisite tricks, check them out here:

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(Narrating/Riding: Duncan Mainland. Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Vince Emond)

What Is A Nose Or Tail Slide?

For Nose & Tail Slides, jump onto a box or rail the same way you would for a boardslide, but centre yourself either on the nose or the tail of your board.

Tail Slide On SnowNotice how Nev is sliding on the Tail of his board, rather than the centre.

When you jump into a Nose or Tail Slide, you have to move your weight the same way you would for a Nose or Tail Press, with your weight centered over an end of the board. 

Slide and Press ComparisionTail Slide on the left. Tail Press on the right.

The major difference between these tricks is that in presses you are aligned parallel to the feature, while in a Nose or Tail Slide you are perpendicular to the feature.

The Weight Change

For Nose & Tail Slides, you don't change where your weight is over the Balance Bar. You change where your board is positioned. Practice this on the ground first by jumping up and moving the training board underneath you. 

Now jump up onto the Balance Bar the same way you would for a Boardslide or Lipslide. From that centered position, jump up and move your board so that you land stacked over your back foot.

Shifting To A Tail SlideTake the time to get into a stable position where you can hold the board level with the ground.

Now go through the same steps, but jumping to your front foot to simulate a Nose Slide.


Once you can comfortably balance on the nose or tail, jump straight into a Nose Slide or Tail Slide and see if you can hold it without the other end of the board touching the ground. 

Backside Nose Slide

Nose & Tail Slide

That leaves us with 4 possible combinations of Nose & Tail Slides.

Frontside Nose Slide

Frontside Nose SlideApproach like you would for a Frontside Boardslide and slide on your nose.

Backside Nose Slide 

Backside Nose SlideApproach like you would for a Backside Boardslide and slide on your nose. 

Frontside Tail Slide

Frontside Tail SlideApproach like you would for a Frontside Lipslide and slide on your tail.

Backside Tail Slide

Backside Tail SlideApproach like you would for a Backside Lipslide and slide on your tail.

Now that you've got all 4 variations of the Nose & Tail Slide dialled, try jumping between the nose and tail while on the Balance Bar. It's important you challenge your skills like this because you will always feel more comfortable on one end. Practice your unnatural way and you'll be sliding better than a freshly waxed stick.

Now that you've got Nose & Tail Slides dialled, make sure you check out our How To Bluntslide tutorial to up your jib game even more. Want to get the gear? Check out our Most Popular Products and improve your riding today!

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