How To Bluntslide

How To Bluntslide On A Training Board

Although the Bluntslide may have originated in skateboarding, snowboarders have taken it and made it their own. Today, it is one of the tougher jib tricks but by far one of the most stylish. We break it down in this tutorial and show you how to dial it in on the Jib Board so you can take it to the hill.

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(Narrating/Riding: Duncan Mainland. Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Vince Emond)

Skateboard Origins

To really understand how a Bluntslide works on a snowboard, it’s best to understand how a Blunt looks on a skateboard. Unlike a Tail Slide, where the tail is on the feature with the trucks on the side, a Bluntslide is where the trucks and wheels are sliding on top of the feature with the boards tail hanging down.

Skateboarding BluntslideAs seen here.

Snowboard Bluntslides

Now, obviously a Bluntslide on a snowboard will never look exactly like this because we don’t have trucks. But we can get close by jumping almost all the way over the rail to land on the back foot or, even way out on the tail.

Snowboard Bluntslide

Frontside Bluntslide

Here’s a Frontside Tail Slide:

Front TailRemember, approached from the Frontside while riding Regular.

Now a Frontside Bluntslide:

Front BluntAgain, approached from the Frontside while riding Regular.

See how Duncan is not just getting the tail over the Balance Bar, but moving the whole Training Board across the bar.

Backside Bluntslide

The same works for the Backside direction. Backside Tailslide:

Back TailApproached from the Backside, while riding Regular.

Backside Bluntslide:

Back BluntThis was also approached from the Backside, while riding Regular.

Styling A Blunt

Blunts look great if you can bring them back forwards again. To do this, land on the Balance Bar in a Shifty position then using that twist in your body, pop back off to the same position you started from.

Front Blunt To RegUse that counter rotation to bring it back.

Rotating Blunts

You can also do Blunts to Fakie. But even better than that, keep your shoulders rotating around while you’re on the Balance Bar and getting a same way 270 off in either the Frontside or Backside direction.

270 OutGuess which type of Bluntslide this is.

Now that you're rolling out solid Front and Back Blunts, you can add the "Pill" to learn the balance needed to take this trick to a rail. Or, try at a trampoline facility to mix it up! Whichever way you decide to go, enjoy learning this trick and happy Blunting!

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