How To Tailslide 270 Out On A Training Board

How To Tailslide 270 Out On A Training Board

Tailslide 270's can be a bit of a puzzle when you first try them. Check the tutorial for some good pointers on how to learn this trick quick. For an even more in depth look at the Nose and Tail Slide, check out this tutorial:

In this tutorial we used our Jib Board and Balance Bar. Click the links below to learn more, or purchase your own.

(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood)


Adding a 270 out on your rail tricks can look sick! However, there's a few concepts that you'll have to master to make sure you're progressing safely and efficiently. 

  1. 360's - Check out this tutorial on Frontside 360's
  2. Slide to Fakie - Check out our tutorial on Nose & Tail Slides 


The physics between a Frontside 360 and a Tailslide 270 out are very similar. To practice and get used to the motion:

  1. Stand on a carpet and spin a full Frontside 360
  2. Now try jumping to a Tailslide, continuing the rotation and flicking a 270 out at the end.

When practicing on the Balance Bar, start by doing a Tailslide to Fakie. This is an essential stepping stone. Using your Balance Bar:

  1. Wind up
  2. Pop to your tail
  3. Continue the rotation through the trick and come out switch

    As you progress onto practicing 270's out on the Balance Bar, remember that by opening up your body and carrying momentum through the trick you will have a much easier time finishing your spin.

    Opening Up Those ShouldersNotice how Nev is opening up his upper body and carrying his momentum through the trick.

    Just like the landing on a Frontside 360 the landing for a Tailslide 270 is going to be blind, keep your eyes around your toe edge on the last few degrees to spot the ground and ride away clean.

    The Key To Stomping

    The most common mistake happens just before you enter your slide. It is absolutely crucial to enter the slide while continually rotating. If any counter rotation is used, then it will be near impossible to flick the 270 out. 

    What are you hoping to stomp this year? 


    Chase Baines
    Snowboard Addiction Team
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