How To Adjust Your Bindings

How To Adjust Your Bindings

Have you been riding for a while now and your bindings feel a little off? Or, are you looking for a tip to make your snowboard more responsive? Here we show you different ways to improve the feel and responsiveness of your bindings and snowboard. 

(Narrating: Nev Lapwood. Filming/Editing: Sofia Lewerin.)


You'll want a central position of your boot in the bindings, so it's comfortable and functional. Adjust the toe and heal strap - longer or shorter so the the bindings do not put too much pressure on any side of the boot. 

Toe and heel strap bindings snowboard
Adjust the heel strap go get the pressure central on the boot. 


The bottom of the bindings is called the footbed. You can, on most bindings, adjust it by sliding it back or forward so it fits the size of your foot. Put your boot in the binding and adjust it after. 

Adjust footbed snowboard bindings
Adjust the footbed on your snowboard so it fits your boot. 


Forward Lean is the forward angel of the highbacks of the bindings. It may seem a bit uncomfortable with forward lean but it's actually really good for your riding if you have a more aggressive riding style.  

Forward lean is the angel of the highback

Check out our Improve Your Riding tutorial to get tips on how to ride better with forward lean. You adjust it on the back of your bindings, there should be a tab or dial with plus and minus symbols. The more you screw or move it to the minus, the less forward lean you get. Screw or move it to the plus and you'll get more forward lean.

adjusting your high back
You adjust the forward lean with the + & - screw on the back of your bindings. 


You adjust this to be more flexible to move back and forward when you ride without getting to restricted of the highback. This is good for buttering when you move your weight around and or for grabs getting that extra bit of tweakage. You adjust it with the two screws on the outside of the back. 

Adjust the position of your highback
Adjusting your highback positions to be in line with the Heel Edge of your board, will allow you to tweak our your grabs, butters and presses more.

Before the next time you go up the mountain, try to adjust your bindings in the different ways we explained above. Experiment with your stance and forward lean to find what works best for you.

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