How To Remove Wax From Your Snowboard

How To Remove Wax From Your Snowboard

Guess who's back? Yohann from Underground Tuning. In the final part of this series, Yohann teaches you how to scrape wax from the base of your snowboard. 

(Narrating: Yohann Sheetz, Filming & Editing: Adison MacDonald

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Tools Needed

  • A Scraper (Metal or plastic but always remember to keep it nice and sharp)
  • A Horse Hair Brush
Scraping ToolsThe required tools.

Make Sure The Snowboard Is Cold

Before you get your scrape on, make sure your snowboard is nice and chilly. After waxing, put your snowboard outside to help the snowboard cool down quicker. Putting the board outside helps the pores of the base close around the wax, so that when scraping, less wax will be exfoliated from the base. 

Scrape That Baby 

Scraping TechniqueScraper at 45˚.

Place the scraper at an angle of approximately 45˚ and push the scraper along the base of the snowboard. Apply a firm amount of downward pressure to the scraper to help remove the wax. This is when your sharp scraper comes in handy. If your scraper is a bit blunt, removing the wax is gonna' be a lot harder.

Scrape It! If you want to minimize the mess you make with the excess wax, try to do long scraping laps in one direction.

The idea of scraping is to remove all the excess wax left on the base of the snowboard. You might think leaving some wax on the base of the snowboard is going to make you go a bit faster on the hill... but no, you're WRONG! Leaving excess wax on the base is actually going to dry the base out quicker. This is because the snow crystals will drag out the excess wax as well as the wax already absorbed into the base. So don't be lazy, and get scraping.

Full Extension ScrapeScrape it and leave the base smooth.

Brush It Real Good

Once you've removed all that nasty excess wax, it's time to grab your brush and shine up the base. Giving the base that lil tidy up with the brush is going to make sure all that excess wax has been removed, and those nasty snow crystals won't drag any of your wax out the base. 

Brush Her TenderBrush it tenderly.

Now you've removed all that excess wax and even the teeny weeniest bits of wax left over on the base with the brush, you're all set to shred! The base should be nice and shiny.

The Finished ProductThe finished product... A well scraped board you can see your reflection in.

Good Job Test

You can run your finger along the base once you're done... You should hear that satisfying squeaky noise. Once you hear that squeaky noise, you know you've done an excellent job and can go hit the hill knowing your board is going to fly.

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