Are You Regular Or Goofy?

Are You Regular Or Goofy?

Before you strap into your snowboard, or even set up your bindings, you'll need to know if you’re a regular or goofy rider. Your riding stance (regular or goofy) is determined by which leg is leading downhill and which leg is at the rear of your board.

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(Narrating/Riding: Duncan Mainland & Nev Lapwood. Filming/Editing: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)


Regular describes someone who is leading with their left leg. Generally, this is the most common riding position.

Left Leg Forward


Goofy, also referred to as "fakie" riding, is someone leading with their right leg. 

Right Leg Forward

How Do I Know What To Choose?

If you do any other board sports like skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding or kiteboarding; chances are you’ll ride your snowboard the same way. If you don't do any other board sports, don't worry, generally your more dominant leg will be your back foot as it will provide the most balance.

We're going to go over a couple tests you can do that will help you decide whether you should start riding regular or goofy.

Test 1:

Think of the way you used to kick a soccer ball, better yet, actually go and kick a ball or some snow! If you kicked with your right foot, you might be regular. If you kicked with your left foot, perhaps goofy.

Kick some snowWhich Foot Did You Kick With?

Test 2:

The next test is done by standing straight with your eyes closed. Have a friend gently push you forward. Take note of which foot you put forward to keep balance. Chances are, that will be your front foot. 

Regular or goofyThe Test Works! Nev Is A Regular Rider And He Landed With His Left Foot Forward

Test 3:

The final test can be done a couple different ways. The first way is done by running on snow and stopping abruptly, like on hockey skates. The position you stopped in is a good indication of which position you should snowboard in. You can also do this test on hardwood floors with socks on, a button up shirt and no pants. Get a running start and try to slide on the floor. Think of Tom Cruise in in Risky Business.

SlideAs You Can See, Tom Would Be A Goofy Rider

Trick Tip: If you later feel like it’s more comfortable riding the other way, it’s easy to change. Most beginner rental boards are set up with a centered stance anyway, so you can ride it goofy or regular.


Pick one or two of these techniques and give it a try. The important thing is to pick a direction to start with and get moving. You can always switch it up as you progress.

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