What Not To Do As A Snowboarder

What Not To Do As A Snowboarder

We all know the infamous "Jerry Of The Day" social media sites. Here are our tips to stop you becoming their next post. 

foooty for the boys

1. Gaper Gap

Mind the gap! Is the gap between your helmet and your goggles bigger than the grand canyon? Then shut it down! Put your goggles on the inside of your helmet and your problem will be solved.

"The minimal acceptance for a gap is zero". Sort it out!

Meet The Gapers


2. Put Your Goggles On The Correct Way

To be honest, if we have to tell you to put your goggles on the right way, then you really are a muppet! Make sure that the rounded bit on the goggles, is on your nose. It's neat ey! They actually designed goggles to fit your face! How nice of those goggle makers.

Jerry 2

When Gorpy Met Gapey

3. Full Face Helmet

Straight up, no! You look like a Stormtrooper. Oh, and if you've got one of those limited edition chrome ones. Really? 

RuRocking Around

Full Face Mask


4. Don't Sit Down To Strap In

Is your bum always super wet after riding? That's because you need to stop sitting down to strap in. It takes way too much time and effort to sit down when strapping in, so learn How To Strap In Standing Up

Friend 1: What's Jerry like at snowboarding?

Friend 2: He still sits down to strap in...

Friend 1: Oooooooooohhhh... Alrighty then.

Strap In Standing Up

5. Boombox In Your Backpack

No one else on the hill wants to hear your love for Destiny's Child. Just use good old fashioned headphones to rock out to your bootylicious beats! 


6. Super Wide/Skinny Stance

Nah mate. A super wide stance doesn't let you get lower. It makes your riding look super weird. A super close stance does not make your rail game look good either. Put your bindings a comfortable distance apart. Not too wide, not too close either... just right.

Super Skiny STance

7. Leash On Your Snowboard 

A snowboard is not a surf board. It's not gonna' run away. If your snowboard is running away from you, you really shouldn't be up on the hill. 

Leg Leashes On Snowboarding

8. Skate Properly!

Find yourself in an awkward position in the lift line? It's most likely because you have your unstrapped foot in front of your snowboard when skating. Do yourself a favour and learn How To Ride One Footed. It's also going to help you on those pesky T-Bar's too!

Dragged Up A T Bar

9. Head Cam's

Thank the Jerry God's that camera's are getting smaller...

Footy For The Boys

10. Wear Your Toe Strap Correctly!

Snowboard gear has improved a lot over the years. One great binding improvement was the toe strap being adjusted to go over the ends of the toes, instead of over the TOP of the toes.

By having toe straps go over the END of your toes, your foot is pushed into the binding, toe-tally improving your foot lock and your responsiveness. If you see anyone with the toe strap over the top of their foot, help them out and let them know! It will change their riding.

Correct - Toe Strap Over The END Of The ToesCORRECT! Over the END of the toes

I hope that I've provided an insight into some of the do's and don't do's of the snowboarding world. While the above tips are telling you "What Not To Do As A Snowboarder", snowboarding is all about being yourself, having fun and shredding with your friends. So get out there and send it!

Jake Adams
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