Say Hello To The Future Of Snowboard Training!

Say Hello To The Future Of Snowboard Training!

We are super stoked here at the SA Office, we have BIG news for all you addicts. 

We have told you about our new Jib Training Board, but it's about to get a bazillion times better for training for snowboarding!

Say hello/gutentag/bonjour/こんにちは to our new and improved Training Board Bindings!

Train In Your Socks Or Bare Feet... Say Whaaaat?

These beauty's are going to help you train, "harder, better, faster and stronger" in the words of Kanye. We have designed them to be smaller in profile than our original training board bindings and way more comfy! The best bit... you don't even need shoes to train!

Gone are the days of dealing with the stress and time of putting your snowboard boots on to have a shred at home. Slide those sexy looking feet of yours right into these plush bindings, and train within seconds of your snowboard addiction kicking in! 

Look, just my feet fit in this binding. Gnarly dude.

As Safe As A Party At The Pope's House 

Traditional snowboard bindings are covered in nasty sharp edges and buckles. Our Snowboard Addiction Training Board Bindings have no sharp edges and the ratchets are completely covered with soft and comfortable cover. There are no sharp or catchy parts on these bad boys, meaning training is safer than ever. Your local trampoline facility is going to love these! Hop on any trampoline, be it your grandma's backyard tramp or the local trampoline facility. Enjoy your training without worrying about damaging the tramp.  

Training Board Bindings

Mount With Ease

The bindings can be fitted to the Jib Training Board or the Tramp Training Board with ease. Our bindings use the same 4 hole mounting system as most traditional snowboard bindings. Set up your bindings with the exact same stance-width and angles that you ride your snowboard with. Why? So what you practice throwing down in training, seamlessly transitions to the mountain. 

Bindings Split Up

Why Are They The Comfiest Bindings In The World?

  • EVA Foam padding around the entire perimeter of the binding. Anywhere your feet touch, we padded it as much as possible. The more cushion for the pushin!
  • Gel Padding - We placed gel padding on the heel cup, the ankle strap and the toe strap where your feet are always in contact with the binding. This ensures your feet feel like they are sitting in clouds and allows you train for longer.
  • The toe straps have been designed for your ease of use and comfort. We got rid of the traditional strap and replaced it with a velcro strap, meaning you can strap into your bindings quicker than you ditched your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

Go Go Inspectorgrab Them 

I bet after reading this, you snowboarding addicts are dying to grab a pair! So why not stroll over to the store or click right here to be one of the first in the world to have one (seriously, we literally started selling these live as of March 18th, 2016)

Training Board Bindings

Buy yourself a pair of our Training Board Bindings right now!

The Snowboard Addiction Team
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