What It's Like To Intern With SA

What It's Like To Intern With SA

Thinking of being an intern with Snowboard Addiction?

I've just finished my 6 month Marketing Internship with the guys at Snowboard Addiction and can safely say, it's been the best 6 months of my life. I've met some super cool people along the way (none of the boys in the office though) and definitely improved as a snowboarder. If you are thinking of making the jump and applying for work or an internship with SA, give this a read before doing so.

Jake, laying down some deep slashes on a cold, clear morning up on Whistler Mountain.

My name is Jake Adams and I graduated university in the summer of 2015. I really did not fancy getting caught up in "normal life" straight away. So when I received a forwarded email from my Dad (of all people) about the position at Snowboard Addiction, I wasted no time and applied. After a few Skype calls and emails back and forth with Nev and Saxon, I got the internship!

Partying in whisThose Irish really know how to have a good party - Such a hectic ride out! St. Patricks Day 2016, Whistler Peak.

I rocked up in Whistler at the beginning of October, not really having a clue what to expect. I had a couple of days to get over the jetlag and get to know the town. After a few days I got in contact with Saxon and started on the Monday. We worked out a schedule that allowed me to ride every single day!

I got mid week off (away from the crowded weekend riding) and our start time on work days was 1pm, so we would shred pow in the morning, then work on all things Snowboard Addiction from 1pm onwards. After riding, all you wanted to do was sit down anyway! The addiction to snowboarding isn't just in the name, but it's part of the work/life balance of anyone working at SA too!

Partying in Whistler 2Moe Joe's Nightclub. Jake (right), socializing with some skier friends.

This internship turned out to be no ordinary internship. Yeah I had to make the occasional coffee for the boys, but the relaxed atmosphere made the internship what it was. I learnt valuable skills in shipping and logistics, social media, marketing/advertising, filming and editing of tutorial. Plus pretty much everything else that goes into running a snowboard company or an online business.

From the skills I have learnt, I feel like I could go run my own company, just from my 6 months here. If you've received an email from Snowboard Addiction over the recent winter months or joined our Facebook page, then it's probably been me hassling you to do that. You're welcome!

It was pretty rad working with such small team (4 other guys) as you really felt immersed in the business and could see the impact you were making. Doing an internship at a small business allows you to learn a variety of skill sets, be part of the growth and get involved in big picture decisions.

SA FamilyDragon's Den Party!

Getting the chance to ride everyday with the SA crew has been pretty epic. The past 6 months have been sweet. I have had the chance to ride everyday and have learnt a lot about how a small business is run. If you are thinking of applying for the internship, just do it. You won't regret it!

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