Road To Rodeo

Road To Rodeo

Snowboard Addiction went down to Las Vegas in January, to spend some time with world famous DJ and Snowboard Addiction customer, Steve Aoki. Steve wanted us to teach him some new snowboard tricks and show him some of our new snowboard training gear! If you missed out on what went down, you should check out our blog about Training And Partying With Steve Aoki

In the latest On The Road, a web series that follows the life of Steve Aoki; Aoki learns how to throw down a backside 540 rodeo! This training session was filmed at Steve's house, in a room he calls the "Aoki Playhouse". It contains a private trampoline and foam pit!

Jump to 6:25 to check out Nev (SA Head Coach), training Steve, or watch the whole episode to see how crazy it is to be the worlds' biggest DJ!

If you have your own private snowboard training facility in your house, or just a normal house, or if you live on your mates couch, or even if you reside in a cardboard box...You don't need much to train all year and improve your snowboarding.

Take a quick visit to our Popular Products page and grab your own snowboard training setup! To celebrate your support, here's a highfive (5% off everything site wide until the end of the month).


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