How To Tamedog

How To Tamedog (Front Flip)

Now, don't let the name of this trick fool you... The Tamedog is not for the tame hearted! It's loads of fun though once you have it. 

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  • How To Tamedog
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  • How To One Foot Straight Line
(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood & Chase Baines. Filming/Editing: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)


A Tamedog is a cartwheel style Front Flip on your snowboard that instantly makes you look pro or like you've been shredding for years. But before getting inverted on a snowboard like this:

TamedogFlippin awesome.

You should train your muscle memory and air awareness on a trampoline first. This is a much safer and easier way to get the feeling of being upside down. You can practice the rotation over and over again, almost as many times as the above video clip...That way, your technique is getting more refined so that when you take it to the snow, you're more than likely to land it first go!

As you practice the Tamedog on the tramp, try grabbing under or around your knees, to help with your alignment and get used to spotting the landing.

Tamedog On Tramp
Tuck in your legs and head while trying to spot the landing.

The Tramp Training Board will make it feel like you're snowboarding, because you have a board attached to your feet.

Pop, Drop And Roll

1. On snow, find a spot with a flat or slightly inclined takeoff, preferably an area with a soft landing while you’re learning. Jumping off of a cat track with a steep drop, is one of the best places to learn. 

2. To initiate a Tamedog, you need to pop from the nose of your board. This requires a solid Nollie, so make sure you practice a ton of Nollies before trying! The timing of Nollies can be difficult, so pick a spot on the approach about a foot before the lip to pop a deep Nollie.

NollieWithout a strong Nollie, you won't generate the pop needed to get the full rotation

Trick Tip: It’s better to initiate the Nollie too soon, rather than too late.

3. Once you have Nollies down, you can do a simple drill to get the feeling of the Tamedog. Try rolling off your nose, over your shoulders and back. Get as low as possible before rolling to reduce impact and keep a straight alignment over the tip of your nose. If your alignment is on point, you’ll come right back onto your feet to ride away. This will allow you to wrap your head around how a Tamedog feels and give you the confidence boost to get inverted. 

TamedogYou've probably taken a fall like this and tried to ride away like nothing happened.

Don't Be A Cockapoo!

1. On the approach for the actual Tamedog, position some weight on your back foot and come into the lip with enough speed. Lift your front arm, but do not lift your board off the snow. Try to keep your board flat on the ground, lifting your board will kill your momentum. As you move closer to the takeoff, push from your back leg into a forward motion (like the photo below): 

Tamedog Approach
Front arm up, weight on your back leg while keeping the nose on the snow.

2. As you initiate the Nollie, throw down with your front arm to start the rotation. Keep your shoulders sideways and in line with your nose and tail. The nose of your board will bend and spring your forward in a flipping motion.

TamedogMake Sure You Time The Nollie And Throwing Your Arm Down,  So They Work Together

3. Tucking in your head will help you spot your landing underneath you as you flip over. Not only is tucking your head in safer, but it will also help you rotate and spot your landing. 

TamedogHead tucked in trying to spot the landing.

4. Don't turn or twist your shoulders and hips at this point, as this will put you off axis. 

  TamedogIf you really want to impress people, bust a Tamedog off a jib feature like Chase here

The timing and technique of the Tamedog is challenging at first but becomes easy with practice. Small knuckles and rollers work great after you’ve got them dialled. 

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