Hitting Bigger Jumps

Hitting Bigger Jumps

Having the confidence to hit bigger jumps isn't always easy. In our latest Tutorial, 9 year old team rider Gabe Sequeira is going to run us through his process for safely and confidently progressing to bigger jumps.  

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(Narating/Riding: Gabriel Sequeira, Filmer: Vince Emond, Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb

Before you start into Gabe's process, ask yourself  'Do I have the jump one size down dialled?' and 'am I excited to hit this new jump?' If you answered yes to both, it's time to take on some bigger terrain.

Gabe's Process to Hitting Bigger Jumps:

1: Observe

Watch riders; who are confident with the jump, hitting the feature. Observe how their board reacts to the lip, the speed of their run in, and how much air they're getting. 

Hitting Bigger Jumps On A Snowboard Gabe scoping out his Black Park XL line

2: Hit The Knuckle 

Get a feel for the take off by dropping into the feature with the same speed you would use to hit the jump. Instead of hitting the jump, duck around it and ollie off the knuckle, focussing on landing in the 'sweet spot' of the jump. This will help you have a feel for the landing before you even hit the jump.  

Hitting Bigger Jumps On A Snowboard 
Gabe with a rad knuckle huck 

3: Visualizing The Jump

You've watched other riders hitting the jump, dropped into the jump take off, and tested out the landing. All that's missing now is the jump.

Gabe Visualizing the Jump 
Gabe Visualizing the jump

Try and visualize the jump, so you're ready for it when you go in to hit it. Check out our tips for visualizing tricks here.


4: Follow 

Now you're ready for the jump. Follow someone in who's comfortable with the jump and adjust your run in speed based on your weight. 

Hitting Bigger Jumps On A Snowboard 
Gabe following in SA head coach Nev Lapwood

5: Commit

You've put together all the steps to your progression, now it's time to hit the jump solo. The last piece of advice is to commit to the jump, you've got this!

Hitting Bigger Jumps On A Snowboard 
Gabe committing to full send 

Ready to throw a Cork 5 on an XL now? 

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