How To Hold Longer Tricks On A Training Board

How To Hold Longer Tricks On A Training Board

Holding longer tricks is all about practice and persistence. The cheat code is simple: Practice your balance and your tricks as often as possible! This will improve your core strength and spatial awareness, leading to better control and balance to hold longer tricks. It's that easy, or difficult...depending on your laziness.

While persistence and practice is essential, the following snowboard tutorial provides you with additional tips and tricks on "How To Hold Longer Tricks". Grab a Jib Training BoardTraining Bindings and Balance Bar and watch this tutorial to hold longer tricks on your snowboard!

(Narrating: Nev Lapwood. Riding: Saxon Farnworth. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald)

We know our gear works! Using it regularly will improve your core strength, your balance and your snowboard muscle memory for holding longer tricks and locking down new tricks you never thought possible! Bring on winter with confidence!

6 Tips For Longer Tricks!

1. Find the "sweet spot". This is the spot on the board and in your body positioning that allows you to balance evenly on the Balance Bar, box or rail. Keep adjusting your technique with each attempt until you find the sweet spot. When you do, remember how you did it and what it felt like so you can repeat it!

The sweet spot doesn't have to be in the middle of the board. It will change depending on what trick you are performing.

2. Absorb the landing through your ankles, knees and hips (Click here to learn more on this).

Practicing soft landings on your balance bar, directly translates to your snowboarding!

3. Have a friend help you. To get used to balancing, you might find it easier to have a friend help you find the sweet spot for balancing first. Once you're comfortable, have your friend let go so you can balance on your own!

4. Use your arms to balance and keep every muscle in your body responsive. By keeping responsive and avoiding stiffening up, you will be able to react quickly and balance longer.

Use Those ArmsNotice how Saxon has his arms out, counteracting what his lower body is doing to maintain balance.

5. Try and look up and away from the Balance Bar. It will make it harder to balance, but will simulate what a real rail/box will feel like when you hit it.

Looking up simulates balancing on a rail/box even more. This is a great habit to get used to doing.

6. Practice. The more time in life you spend balancing on your snowboard, Jib Training Board and Balance Bar; the more core strength, muscle memory and balance you will develop for holding longer tricks on your snowboard! So get your gear, go outside and have fun training!

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