How To Counter Rotated 360

How To Counter Rotated 360

The Counter Rotated 360 buttering trick is a smooth move! Slicing this one up will allow you to progress onto bigger buttering tricks and tougher jib/jump tricks.

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Start Here!

While riding, spin a Switch Front 3. In this rotation, your upper and lower body will be moving together throughout the spin. A different technique for spinning Frontside 3s on the snow, is to use counter rotation.  

Counter Rotation: Where your upper and lower body actually twist against each other throughout the trick to make a spin come around even faster.

Look how fast you can spin a Front 360 on the snow without the board leaving the ground. It's like your lower body almost wraps around your upper body for a very quick 360. A Counter Rotated 360 is a cool buttering trick but is also a great foundation skill to learn for more advanced tricks we will teach you later. 

These can be done regular too, but most people find them easier to learn switch. We recommend giving switch a go first. 

Practice The Counter Rotated 360 A HEAP!

It's your core muscles spinning your upper body and lower body against each other to make this 360 come around really fast. Science Bitch! 

While riding, as you enter the spin, turn your body slightly uphill and imaging you're grabbing onto something.

How To Counter Rotated 360Just to clarify, it's an imaginary blue line.

Hold onto it and let your entire body spin a full 360 before you let go. After you feel the technique required for this movement, relax and forget about holding the imaginary object as although it's great for learning, it does look a little stupid.

Progress To Rollers & Cat Tracks

Try doing your counter rotated 3' over rollers or bumps in the snow. As you get good, it actually becomes easier to do them over small terrain features and adds a flow to your riding. The air you get gives you more time to style the trick out.

How To Counter Rotated 360Nev initiating a Counter Rotated 360 off a roller.

Perform It

Counter rotated 3s don't all have to be super fast. Try unweighting your board as you counter rotate the 3, you might find that you get completely off the ground and actually pop a Switch Frontside 360 in the air by mistake.

How To Counter Rotated 360Remember that style as you ride away.

Final thought's... Take this buttering trick to the mountain and onto any feature you come across. Just remember to watch the opposite stance version of this tutorial to get a visual of counter rotated 3s in your regular direction, because you need to learn it both regular and switch for the harder tricks to come. 

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