How To 180 Into A Switch Tail Butter & 180 Out

How To 180 Tail Butter 180 Out

The 180 Switch Tail Butter 180 Out is an advanced level buttering trick that will add a ton of style to your riding. This trick is actually a lot easier than it looks! Although this trick can be performed in either the frontside or backside direction, start with the frontside version (if in doubt).

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(Narrating/Riders: Nev Lapwood & Dan Gerstner)

Get Your Head Around Out

You may get dizzier than a popcorn fart watching this trick, but break it down and it becomes a combination of three fairly basic tricks:

  1. Frontside 180
  2. Switch Tail Butter
  3. Switch Backside 180 Out

Step 1) Sliding

While riding, slide a Frontside 180 then a Switch Backside 180.

Sliding the Frontside 180, Switch Backside 180 OutNo Ollies, just slide.

Pay attention to your line of approach because you need to use a heel edge turn to set up for the Frontside 180. Once that is complete, then move to your toe edge to initiate the Switch Backside 180. As you will see, this trick is a combination of rotation and counter rotation and practicing sliding will help you dial in when to use which.

Step 2) Add Ollies

Ollie Frontside 180 then Ollie a Switch Backside 180. For now, forget about the Tail Butter in there. This uses the exact same entry path and movement as Step 1, with a rotational 180 and a counter-rotated 180.

How To 180 Into A Switch Tail Butter & 180 OutThe Switch Backisde 180. The Ollie version now.

Step 3) Slide Into A Butter

This is where you are going to add in the slide part. Slide a Frontside 180 to Tail Butter then slide a Switch Backside 180 out.

Sliding The Tail ButterSlide into the tail then counter rotate out. Get it dialled so you're ready to add Ollies.

The entry path and movements are exactly the same as the above two steps, but now you are adding in the buttering position to this trick. While buttering, the tail of your board almost needs to be flat, without any edges on the snow. This allows you to maximize your balance. 

Step 4) Add An Ollie Out

Slide a Frontside 180 into a Tail Press position, then Ollie the 180 out.

How To 180 Into A Switch Tail Butter & 180 OutApply pressure to your back foot to pop that Ollie.

This is the exact same movement as Step 3, but with an Ollie out to complete the butter.

Step 5) The Actual Trick

Frontside Ollie 180, Switch Tail Butter, Ollie a Switch Backside 180 out. Simple!

The TrickThis is the actual trick.

It shouldn't take long to learn the 4 previous steps, because they are designed as stepping stones to help you prepare for this trick.

Trick Tip

The trick to snapping the Switch Backside 180 is counter rotation. Because you are continuing the way you are spinning, and not going back the opposite direction, it feels pretty natural, so try not to think about it too much. 

How To 180 Into A Switch Tail Butter & 180 Out

    Five steps to glory is all there is to it for the 180 into a Switch Tail Butter, 180 Out! It is a super fun trick that will add a ton of style to your riding and make even a mellow run a blast. So get it on lock now and improve your riding today.

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