Adding Ollie's & Nollie's

Adding Ollie's & Nollie's

Buttering around the mountain is easily one of the funnest things you can do on a snowboard. Now, we are going to give you some tips on how to improve those butters by adding in Ollie's & Nollies. If you want even more free buttering tutorials, join our newsletter because we are currently giving away our full Basics Of Buttering Series for free.

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Why Add O's & N's?

Adding Ollie's & Nollie's to your butters is just another way to style out your butters and make them look cool.

Back 180 Nose Butter 360 Out

Tail Press Butters

Whilst you can ollie into a tail press, it's soooo much easier to nollie into a tail press. Nollieing into the tail press makes landing in the tail press position so much easier because your hips naturally shift towards the back of your board. Once you're into the press position, try hold it for 10 seconds or more. 

Standing Nollie Tail Press

Then do a small controlled ollie out to ride away.

Tips For Quality Nollie's

  1.  Bend your knees & shift your weight towards the nose of your board to generate the nollie.
    Load The Nose With Your Weight.

  2. Snap the board into the air, bringing your knees towards your chest.
    Bring the board into the air
  3. Then land on your back foot in the tail press position. Notice how the rider below has their weight directly over their back foot with their front foot boned out.Land On Your Backfoot in the Tail Press position

Nose Press Butter's

When it comes to the nose press, it's exactly the same as above, just the opposite. Therefore, it's a lot easier to ollie into a nose press. You can try nollieing into to it, but you're gonna' find it easier to ollie in. Once you land in the nose press, try hold it for 10 seconds. 

Standing Ollie Nose Press

Then do a small controlled nollie out, to ride away. 

Tips For Sweet Looking Ollie's 

  1. Bend your knees & shift your weight towards the tail of the board to generate the ollie.Do an ollie bro.
  2. Snap your board into the air, bringing your knees to your chest.
    Sick Ollie Bro
  3. Land in the nose press position on your front foot. Notice how the rider below has their weight directly over their front foot and their back foot is in a boned position.
    Land in the nose press position

Remember Kids' You Don't Always Need To Go Big

A small controlled Ollie or Nollie looks way more stylish than an out of control leap of faith. So keep practicing your small controlled O's & N's into your presses, this way your riding is going to look way more effortless and steezy. 

Controlled Nollie Tail Press

Hips Don't Lie! 

Remember, to get that stylized press position, you need to shift your hips outside of your foot and knee towards the tail or the nose.  

Shifting Your Hips Outside Of Your Knee and Foot

Don't lift your foot, just project all your weight into that imaginary dot on the tail or the nose of your snowboard. That's how you're gonna' butter' better!

Practice Makes Perfect 

Practice your ollie's and nollie's at home, the beach or your friend's lounge room with the Snowboard Addiction Training Board & Bindings, alongside the Snowboard Addiction Balance Bar.

Balance Bar Nose Press

Next time your our on the hill don't just slide into a nose or tail butter, instead pop a Ollie or Nollie into the butter and make it look sweet. Getting this on lock will not only give you fundamental skills needed for harder butters and rail tricks, but it will improve your riding today.

Jake Adams
Snowboard Addiction
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