How To Ground Spin

How To Ground Spin

Bread just isn't the same without butter. Neither is snow!

This is Step Five, of a Six Step progression on the Buttering Basics. In this step, we are going to teach you how to Ground Spin. Check out our Snowboard Tutorial Membership to see the full Six Step Series that will have you churning up butters like a boss.

(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Why Should You Learn To Ground Spin?

Learning to ground spin has endless benefits:

  • Improves your balance
  • Gets you comfortable in a central position on your board
  • Improves your switch riding
  • Improves edge control
  • Improves spatial awareness

Just to name a few..

Ultimately, ground spinning will build your edging skills so that you're always on the correct edge when you try to learn other buttery tricks, where there is no margarine for error.

Ground Spinning

Find a gentle slope and try the following:

1. Do a Backside 180. Notice how Nev is on his toe edge.

Backside 180 on a snowboard

2. Then, use your momentum to do a Switch Frontside 180. Notice below how Nev is now on his heel edge.

 Switch Frontside 180 snowboarding

Keep practicing the above two tips until it's a smooth 360 on the ground. If you catch an edge, try switching edges a little bit sooner in the spin.

catching an edge snowboarding

A Helpful Hint

Your uphill edge should always be the one touching the snow - never your downhill edge! If you don't focus on what edge you are on at all times, you're just asking for the snow to grab your board and give you a good ol' one-two.

How To Ground SpinNotice how the uphill edge is in contact with the snow but the downhill edge is raised up.

Now Try The Other Way

1. Do a Frontside 180. Notice how Nev is on his heel edge.

Frontside 180 snowboarding

2. Then, use your momentum to do a Switch Backside 180. Notice how Nev is now on his toe edge.

 switch backside 180 snowboarding

Think You've Got It?

Keep practicing until you're confident that you can do 3 full 360's in a row. 

3 360's snowboarding

You want to do more than 3? What are you, nuts?! If you are, try as many spins as your mind can handle. Then, try as many as you can the other way to counteract your dizziness - safety first :D


Ground spinning is a sick way to quickly gain control over your edges and get you comfortable spinning. This is an awesome skill not only for buttering, but also for dialling in your muscle memory and awareness for spinning off jumps!

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