How To Front Blunt 270 Out

How To Front Blunt 270 Out

Suck on this fat blunt! A Front Blunt 270 Out that is. One of two new snowboarding tutorials that are joining our Buttering Like A Boss series.

To see the pre-requisites and additional steps required to FB 270 Out (snowboard lingo for Front Blunt 270 Out), check out our Streaming Membership, which features two full series, designed to improve your buttering:

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(Narrating/Rider: Nev Lapwood, Film/Editing: Adison Macdonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)


This is a tricky little butter, so make sure you can do a Backside Tail Butter, riding out switch. If not, it might be good to check out our How To Tail Butter 180 Out tutorial before jumping (literally) into this one. Or just watch this gif below, 10 thousand times:

No Board, Just Feet

A great place to start for the FB 270 Out, is without your board. This allows you to really isolate the movements required and simulate the full 270 out safely.

Step 1) From your riding stance, jump backside and land at 90 degrees on your back foot. 

Front Blunt 270 Back Foot Landing

Step 2) Rotate your upper body all the way around until you're looking downhill, while holding your lower body at 90 degrees.

Front Blunt 270 Wound Upper Body

Step 3) When you're in this maximum wound up position, you'll feel the ability to pop a full 270 Out, letting your lower body catch up with your upper body. The image below is the position you want to be in as you ride away.

Front Blunt 270 Finish Position

Gettin' Er' Done!

When you are strapped in, practice on the flats. Make sure you have the exact same motion you used while training with your board off. 

Step 1) Use your upper body to initiate a small amount of Backside momentum, while popping a small Nollie to butter on your tail.
Step 2) Apply light pressure to your toe edge while buttering, but allow the board to continue sliding downhill.
Step 3) Continue to rotate your upper body until you are looking all the way downhill.
Step 4) Pop a small Ollie to complete the 270 Out. Snoop Dogg rolls blunts like a boss, now you do too!

Front Blunt 270 Instructions

The Fun Part

Take them to the hill and practice them everywhere. Spark it up by doing a snappier Ollie on the 270 Out, which will add a tonne of style and make it look sick! As everyone knows, stylish snowboarders make bank!

Front Blunt 270 On SnowDisclaimer: Adding a snappy Ollie does not guarantee you will make money. Go get a job. Now there's a free tutorial!

Practice All Day, Errr' Day

Don't hit the hay without training! Stay sharp by practicing this movement indoors using the Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Board and Balance Bar. These are the perfect tools to get your FB 270 ready for the next step...

Front Blunt 270 Balance Bar

Rail Time

I'm talking bout the FB 270 Out on boxes and rails. Start out on a small flat box and perform the exact same movement you learnt while buttering. Just remember to lean downhill with the feature to keep a flat base while on the box or rail. Once that is mastered, take it to a down tube like this one below: 

Front Blunt 270 Down TubeNo one likes a blunt pencil, but everyone LOVES a Front Blunt! Take this fun little trick all over the mountain and into the park today, to take your riding to the next level!

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