Basics Of Jibbing

Welcome To The Basics Of Jibbing Series!

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Your First 50-50

You're doing awesome! Check out our full in depth blog on How To Do Your First 50-50 here.

How To Hit A Feature

This tutorial will improve your jib skills, so you can start hitting features, progress your skills safely and start stomping every trick you have ever wanted to learn! 

How To Backside Boardslide

Backside Boardslides are sick! This trick will add a tonne of style to your jib game and prepare you for harder features and more difficult jib tricks. We even wrote you a blog about Backside Boardslides for you. Check it out here

How To Backside Boardslide To Fakie

Love snowboarding and want to get those Back Board to Fakie's on lock? Train on and off the mountain with the snowboard training gear that we featured in this tutorial: 

How To Frontside Boardslide

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