How To Ride Bumpy Terrain & Moguls On A Snowboard

How To Ride Bumpy Terrain & Moguls On A Snowboard

Most snowboarders don’t look for or enjoy riding bumpy terrain, however often when your trying to get somewhere, you come across some pretty variable stuff or a mogul field that you may be forced to ride through.

There’s no point in side slipping through it, learn the tactics from this video as being able to ride bumps will make huge improvements to your free-riding so that when you hit a bump you weren’t expecting, you'll be able to absorb it and shred on like nothing happened.

(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Dynamic Riding

To ride through bumps your need to be dynamic, constantly moving and adjusting to the terrain as you ride through it. This means flexing and extending your upper body, hips, knees and ankles constantly and in rhythm with the terrain.

How To Ride Bumpy Terrain & MogulsA dynamic body position perfect for any snowboard terrain.

Traversing Bumps

A really good way to develop your skills riding bumps, is to traverse through moguls. It's also a safe way to navigate through moguls without having to turn.

Do this by getting onto your toe edge at a speed that you are challenged at, but don't have to slow yourself down. See how smoothly you can absorb the bumps while remaining on your toe edge, remembering to use that dynamic riding technique explained above.

How To Ride Bumpy Terrain & MogulsGet low, be powerful.

Picking Your Line

As your begin to ride through bigger bumps and moguls, the shape and size of your turns will come down to how you pick your line. Fortunately, most moguls fields are pretty consistent which allows you to think of the moguls as a kind of slalom course. This means you can ride around most of the moguls, rather than over the top of them.

How To Ride Bumpy Terrain & MogulsPick that line and slalom up those moguls.

Aggressive Bump Riding

After you've ridden a considerable amount of bumpy terrain, you'll start to ride it more aggressively. The key to riding aggressively is the independent movement of each leg. Initiate your turn with more weight over your front foot, then pushing through each turn and finishing off with your back.

How To Ride Bumpy Terrain & MogulsThis motions allows you to control speed and wash off a little bit at the end of each turn.

Body Position

This is one of most important aspects to riding bumpy terrain. The main thing is to have your ankles, knees and hips flexed and your back up straight. Also keep your upper and lower body in alignment and try to eep the majority of your weight over the top of your board through each turn.

How To Ride Bumpy Terrain & MogulsNev with his ankles, knees and hips flexed while his back is straight.

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