Our Response To COVID-19

With Ski Resorts all across the world closing due to COVID-19, the snowboard industry has taken a hard hit and snowboarders are being forced to head home early. In an effort to keep all of our customers updated, Snowboard Addiction will be continuing as normal to produce content and ship out orders with as few delays as we can control.

Over the coming months, we anticipate that we may experience a shortage of our Training Equipment due to delays in our production. At the heart of Snowboard Addiction, we believe that you should be able to snowboard all year and continue to push your limits. 

COVID-19 Shipping Update

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm and has disrupted many businesses. Currently Snowboard Addiction is still shipping out orders. However, with the new BREXIT regulations, our fulfillment company has been having issues sending international order from the UK. See below for updates on shipping internationally from the UK.

Countries Not Affected By BREXIT
- Canada
- UK

The fulfillment company we use to stock and ship our products have been experiencing issues with regards to the new Brexit regulations. Their system has not been able to recognize shipping labels for international orders leaving the UK warehouse which has lead to shipments being sent out with invalid information. As a result, parcels have been getting rerouted back to the warehouse and have rarely been making it to our customers. 

We are working closely with our fulfillment company to resolve this issue and it's our top priority to be able to service international customers again. Moving forward, our website will be defaulting all international shipments from the USA which is why the cost may seem high. However, this is the only way we can ensure you will get your gear. 

Snowboard Addiction is making the health and safety of our global community, staff, and their families our top priority during the COVID-19 Pandemic. As we focus solely on Snowboarding, we are not experts with virus' and are therefore acting on the advice of the professionals through taking the following steps:

  • All employees bar one are now working remotely at home.
  • We have suspended visitors to our office for demo sessions.
  • We are encouraging our staff to wash hands regularly and avoid panic buying toilet roll...

Experts agree that social distancing and exercise is vital to fending off this virus. So, now is the time to keep training and push your limits for next winter!

-The Snowboard Addiction Team

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Mark on

Would have loved to receive my training board, but after a month+ corresponding I gave up, my money aswell didn’t receive a refund or any hopefull message about a future refund. So I wouldn’t recommend ordering something here. Cheers!

Bill on

Hi we order a tramp board in November here in n Australia and still haven’t received it as it’s a Christmas present for our daughter I guess she will miss out.
When are you going to ship to boardworld so we can receive the board.
Thanks Bill

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