New Tramp Training Board

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Out with the old, in with the new! After some innovation, blood, sweat and tears; we are showcasing the Tramp Training Board in a whole new light, and frame rate.

(Narrating: Nev Lapwood. Riders: Duncan Mainland and Dean Bercovitch. Film/Editing: Vince Emond)

The New Tramp Training Board Graphic

It makes training for snowboarding better, faster and a lot of fun. The Board is specifically designed to elevate your level of riding. On the trampoline, you can train for any jump trick that you want to learn on an actual snowboard. It allows you to build your muscle memory in a safe environment, then slay it on the mountain.

Maximum Pop
Dean Bercovitch on the new Tramp Training Board at Airhouse

Our bounce camber is designed for maximum pop on a trampoline while maintaining a realistic feel and flex of a snowboard. The high-density EVA foam base protects your trampoline and provides grip, so you can simulate new tricks and improve aerial awareness. Did we mention that you can work on adding style to your riding and get you tweaking out grabs?

Training Bindings
Use the Tramp Board with the Training Board Bindings for ultimate comfort

To make the experience as real as possible, we used a four hole mounting system with multiple inserts where you can set your stance in the exact same position as your actual board. You can use any regular snowboard bindings. However, for the best experience, combine your board with our Training Board Bindings, which have been specially designed for maximum comfort on the training board and let you train within seconds of getting the urge to snowboard.

Balance Bar
Duncan Mainland ripping on the new Tramp Board at Snowboard Addiction HQ

The Tramp Board can also be used with our Balance Bar, so you can train in your living room for any box or rail trick out there. The foam bottom provides grip on the balance bar making it perfect for beginner jibbers. For advanced jibbers, you can throw down 270's and 360's on and off the Balance Bar with confidence, as the foam will grip.

Jesse Millen spinning with style in Whistler Park

If you're looking for something a little stiffer and even more realistic for jibbing, use our Jib Training Board. It has a slick P-Tex Base and is recommended for advanced jibbers, looking for a more challenging and realistic feel to improve their jib riding.

The Jib Training Board
For the Jib rats out there, check out the Jib Training Board

Pro Snowboarders like Seb Toots, Katie Omerod, Jamie Nichols and Max Parrot use our gear. Beginner and advanced snowboarders are using our gear.

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