How To Tail Butter Frontside 180

How To Tail Butter Frontside 180

Whether you're new to snowboarding, or a seasoned park rider, Butter's can be a great way to add style to your riding and improve your overall flow going down the mountain! Butter's are not only low risk, but they can help you improve other areas of your riding. This is because a lot of times they'll use the same physical movements as some jib tricks, but performed on the snow instead of a box or rail. Before attempting the Tail Butter Frontside 180 it's important you're proficient with Ollies, Nollies, holding the Tail Butter position, and counter rotated 180's.

(Narating/Riding: Nev Lapwood, Filmer: Vince Emond, Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb)

The Set Up

When you're learning this trick for the first time, simulate the trick with your board off first. Nollie, then hold the Tail Butter position. Open up with your upper body, then Ollie to counter rotate a Frontside 180 out to finish the trick. 

Tail Butter Frontside 180Lock down the movements before you practice on snow!

Once this feels comfortable, it's now time to strap into your snowboard and practice on a flat area. Follow the same movements as before. Practicing on flat ground creates a low risk environment, so you can get the feeling of the trick before attempting it going down the slopes.

Tail Butter Frontside 180
Practice this trick on flat to avoid catching an edge on your first go

Body Position

Once these movements feel comfortable, it's time to actually go for it! The key to stomping the 180 out is your body position. You should be at a maximum open position, which is typically with your upper body of 90 degrees or more to your board. This wound up position will help you snap a quick and easy counter rotated 180. 

Tail Butter Frontside 180
The more torque you place on the pre-wind, the easier the counter rotated 180 will be

Break It Down

While riding, practice a few Ollies first. Then try an Ollie with a counter rotated 180. The counter rotated 180 is the exit and the most difficult part of this trick so it's important to make sure you're comfortable popping these. 

Tail Butter Frontside 180
Practice popping counter rotated 180's off knuckles and rollers

For the full trick:

  1. Do a small controlled Nollie
  2. Land in and hold the Tail Butter position
  3. Open up with your arms and shoulders
  4. When it feels right, pop the Ollie and spin the Frontside 180.

During the Tail Butter, you'll only need you hold your board about 10cm or 4inches off the ground to make it to look good. A small controlled press is far more stylish than trying to press too much. While buttering, you can be slightly on your heel edge and your board might even start to turn slightly. This is totally fine, there are no rules to buttering and this can make it even easier to 180 out! The only important part of this trick is to keep the whole trick smooth and stylish with no forced movement! Also, not catching your toe edge. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Our Jib Board and Balance Bar are a great way to build the muscle memory for learning this trick. Practice by using the Balance Bar to lock in your balance for the press. Start by doing a Nollie into a Tail Press on the Balance Bar. From here, open up with your shoulders and pop a counter rotated Frontside 180 off the Balance Bar. Once you have these movements mastered it's time to take it to the snow! 

How To Tail Butter Frontside 180
Mastering this trick indoors will give you the confidence needed to stomp in on snow

Now that you know the proper movements to stomp this trick it's time to go out there and lock it down! Remember to start small. When you're ready, you can start getting creative and throw this trick almost anywhere on the mountain! From rollers to knuckles and everywhere in between this is the perfect trick to have in your arsenal. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and practice! 

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