How To MFM Butter

The MFM Butter is one of the most stylish, yet technical Butter tricks you can do on a snowboard. It requires precise timing, fast muscle movements and it is sure to turn some heads out on the mountain. The MFM Butter is named after former pro snowboarder Mark Frank Montoya who was notorious for his style, which is what makes this trick so unique. Before you attempt this trick its important to be able to stomp a clean Tail Butter Frontside 180 as it will progress you towards the MFM. 

(Narating/Riding: Nev Lapwood, Filmer: Vince Emond, Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb)

Break Down The Movements

While this trick may look complicated, the movements are actually very simple. The easiest way to wrap your head around this trick is by jumping the movements with your board off.

How To MFM Butter
This may look funny, but it's a sure way to understand the movements before you strap in. 

Step 1. First you want to Nollie, Tail Butter, then Frontside 180.

How To MFM Butter
This is the first step in progression towards an MFM Butter

Step 2. Once that feels comfortable you want to practice a Nollie with some frontside roll, Tail Butter at 90, then continue the rest of the 180.

How To MFM Butter
Notice how Nev opens up frontside before the Nollie
How To MFM Butter
Stay open as you land in the Tail Butter at 90º

Step 3. For the final step before trying this on your board, you want to Nollie roll, pop back to Tail Butter, Frontside 180. This trick is almost like kicking your back leg around, then back to a Tail Butter, then Front 1 out. 

How To MFM Butter
Kick your back leg up and around before finally bringing it back to the Tail Butter position
How To MFM Butter
Once you're back in the Tail Butter position, pop a counter-rotated Frontside 180 out

Try It With Your Board On!

While you're still on flat ground, strap in and try it with your board off. Try the exact same movements as before. Start with a Tail Butter Frontside 180. Once that feels comfortable, add some frontside roll and lock in the Tail Butter at 90º then finish the rest of the 180. 

How To MFM Butter
This is the perfect stepping stone to stomp the MFM

Once you've got these on lock, try the movements of the MFM. This step will be much harder than the last two, but just focus on bringing that Tail Butter back before you pop the frontside 180. 

How To MFM Butter
Getting the Tail Butter back to straight will really make this trick look stylish

Getting Comfortable

Once you're comfortable will all of the progression moves leading up this trick, it's time to strap in and start practicing! While your riding, dial in a few Tail Butter 180's to get used to the movements. Add in a heel side setup carve to add some frontside direction to your Nollie. Tail Butter at 90º then finish the rest of the Frontside 180 landing switch. 

How To MFM Butter
Open up Frontside to create the Nollie "roll"
How To MFM Butter
Tail Butter at 90º
How To MFM Butter
Finish the rest of the 180 and ride away switch

This is the simple version of the MFM Butter. You don't require much effort at this stage, but it's important to stay smooth and in control before moving on to the full MFM. For the full trick, after you roll your Nollie to 90º, you want to shifty your board back into a Tail Butter. From here, open up and counter rotate a Frontside 180 out. 

How To MFM Butter
Opening up your body is crucial for the counter rotated 180

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you've gotten the movements down, it's time to keep practicing and really dial in this trick. At this stage you will probably notice that it's actually much easier to perform this trick with speed. Using terrain features like a roller or knuckle will make this trick even easier. When the MFM is done at full speed it is not a slow pressed butter, but rather a quick aggressive movement. Often times you won't even be balancing in the butter position, you'll just be putting your body through the movements. 

How To MFM Butter
With speed you'll barely be scraping the snow

As you progress with this trick, the more shifty you use, the nicer it will look. This requires a lot of effort into shifting your body position and precise timing which will only come with practice. Once you get the hang of this trick, try doing it switch. If you can master this trick switch, you'll be able to link two of these together over a set of rollers making your riding look super stylish and clean! 

Ready to take your dialled riding to the park? 

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