What To Look For When Buying A Snowboard

What To Look For When Buying A Snowboard

Buying a snowboard is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life, so it pays to do your research and shop around. This video is all about how to choose a snowboard and what you should be looking for when you pull the trigger on your purchase.
(Narrating: Nev Lapwood)

Bottom Line

Brand and graphics are not that important. It might come as a shock to you, but there is no statistical correlation between the naked-ness of that chick on the board and your riding ability. Most major snowboard brands these days are pumping out high quality boards, that look sick.

Snowboard Addiction AddictWhen it comes to graphics, just pick something that you think is rad! Like the 157 Addict.

The Important Stuff

What is important is size and the type of board you choose. 


When it first comes to getting a board, look for the manufacturers size guide. All snowboards will come with a manufacturers recommendation on what size shred stick you should get. This way, you can look at your height and weight then compare that to the specific size they recommend for that particular model. 

Snowboard Size Guide

The major thing you have to decide, is if you want to ride a slightly shorter board or a slightly longer board. A slightly shorter board is generally more playful, softer, very good for cruising around, hitting small and medium features and very easy to butter on.  

Addict 147The Snowboard Addiction Rehab 147, a short, soft board which is perfect for buttering.

A longer board is generally a bit stiffer, more stable at high speeds and will give you stability on landing large jumps, which is great for free riding and riding pow.

High Speed Jump LinesA longer board lets you do this.

Which Rider Are You?

For beginner and intermediate riders, we recommend a slightly shorter board. These boards are stacks of fun and super playful; You will definitely have a good time out there!


The width of your snowboard only matters if you have big feet, US mens size 11 or bigger. If this is you, you WILL need to get a wide board. Please don't try and ride a regular width board, you will have toe and heel overhang which will mean you'll be slipping out all day. 

Type Of Board

Although many snowboard companies have fancy types of board shapes with fancy names (not naming names but the Yes Optimistic), there is basically only three types of snowboard bases.

  • Traditional Camber
  • Reverse Camber (Rocker)
  • Mixed Camber

Traditional Camber

If you lie a traditional camber board flat on the ground, you can see the middle of the board lifting up off the ground. Here's a little test, push down the board and you will be able to see the board pop back up.

Camber Snowboard ProfileA traditional camber type of board.

A traditional camber board generally has the best pop, the best edge hold, the best stability and are the most responsive. This board shape is generally used by advanced and pro riders because of the feedback it gives you.

Reverse Camber (Rocker)

This board shape is the opposite to traditional camber and is generally pretty soft. This means it will be great for presses, buttering and will be much less catchy. Way less catchy than the new Katie Perry track, which is killah btw!

A Rocker BoardA reverse camber board however, let's you do this.

Some people who also like reverse camber boards are shredders who predominately ride rails. Because these boards are easy to press, jibbers can press the sh!t outta them to make it look sick.

Mixed Camber

No matter what a brand may call this, these types of boards are a mix of traditional camber and rocker sections. These are becoming a very popular board shape with most brands offering a mixed camber shape, aiming to give you the best of both worlds.

If you are a beginner to intermediate rider this may be a great board shape for you.

Snowboard Shape

There are two main types of shapes:

  • Twin Boards
  • Directional Boards

Twin Boards

A twin board is identical at both ends and can be ridden in either direction. If you're heavily into freestyle, hitting all the park features and are riding switch a tonne, this is the shape for you because it rides perfect in both directions.

Directional Boards

If you ride mostly in one direction, do a lot of free riding or are riding a lot of pow, you will want to get a directional board under your feet.

Pow BoardThis is a directional pow board and may or not be in next years lineup of snowboards...

Don't be fooled, you can still ride switch on a directional board, but it will feel a little more awkward than your normal direction.

Women's Boards

Girls are generally a little bit shorter, lighter, don't have the same muscle mass as men. Because of this, women's boards are designed specifically for with them in mind and are often a bit softer, thinner and shorter.

Snowboard Addiction Addict 146The Snowboard Addiction Addict 146, the perfect women's shred stick.

There it is, all you need to know next time you need a new board. So remember, before pulling the trigger on your next board, ask yourself what type of rider are you and what type of snowboard size, type and shape of board will best suit your riding? 

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