How To Frontside Boardslide

How To Frontside Boardslide

The Frontside Boardslide is a super steezy looking jib trick and today, we are teaching you how to get yours feeling goooood! Make sure you stay tuned to the Snowboard Addiction Blog, as we will be releasing more boardslide tutorials as a part of our 3 part Frontside Boardslide series:

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Counter Rotation

This is where your upper body and lower body will twist against each other throughout the trick. 

Frontside BoardslideA classic example of using counter rotation to complete the Frontside Boardslide.

A counter rotated position is a very awkward feeling when you're first learning it. The best way to learn the movements for a front board, is to do it while sliding down a run. The counter rotation allows you to slide backwards, but look forwards while sliding.

Sliding Frontside BoardslideSliding the Frontside Boardslide is a great way to understand the movements required.

The Box

When it comes to a box, start out using the 50-50 shuffle technique. This is where you will 50-50 the first half of the feature, and shuffle into the Front Board for the second half.

Frontside Boardslide Shuffle50-50 then shuffle into a Frontside Boardslide position.

During your first few attempts, you may only be able to shuffle 45 degrees or so, this is all gravy. As you get better, you'll be able to shuffle the full 90 degree position so you are sliding perpendicular with the box.


If you are struggling with getting the correct movement, unstrap from your board to break it down. A technique to make the Front Board movement easier, is to have your upper body and arms twisted towards your tail as you're 50-50ing. This position makes it easier to shuffle into the Front Board position.

UnstrappedUnstrapped from your board allows you to break down the Frontside Boardslide movements.

Training Board

Did you know that you can even practice this at home? All you need is the Jib Training Board and Balance Bar

Snowboard Addiction Training EquipmentUse the gear and get an idea!

Jump into a 50-50 then initiate your arms and upper body towards the tail of your board while looking forward. Now, shuffle into that Front Board position and feel that counter rotated twisting through your core. 


When actually snowboarding, the shuffle technique is only a learning technique. It is not an actual trick, so please don't use it as your season ender. The aim of the shuffle technique is to give you the stepping stone until you are able to jump straight into the Front Board position.

Frontside Boardslide

Trick Tip: Speed is your friend! The faster you go, the smoother your board is going to slide across the feature. Once you're confident, slow it down a little for added style.

At The End

At the end of the feature, because you are in this counter rotated position, it's very easy to unwind and ride away in your normal snowboard stance.

Frontside BoardslideThis is how you should approach the end of the rail.

We told you this is a stylish trick! Now you can add it to your bag of tricks. Use these tips to improve your riding today and get the Frontside Boardslide locked in!

Gear Used In This Tutorial

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