How To MFM Butter

Learn The MFM Butter

The Mark Frank Montoya (MFM) butter is a confusing and difficult trick to wrap your head around, but once you've got it, it is sure to turn some heads. This tutorial will break the physics and techniques of this butter down to the basics, so you can have it on lock in no time.

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(Narrating/Rider: Nev Lapwood)

Prerequisite Techniques

The MFM is a combination of Nollie Frontside 180 and a Tail Butter Frontside 180, so be sure you have these tricks on lock before even attempting the MFM.

    Static: Board Off

    The easiest way to get your head around this trick is jumping the movements with your board off.

    Broken Down MFMIt looks kinda funny but this tactic works super well to understand the MFM.

    Step 1. Nollie Frontside 180

    Begin by opening up frontside as if your are going to Nollie into a Frontside 180. As your rotation reaches about 90 degrees, Nollie from your front foot and land on your back foot, or in a buttering position.

    How To MFM ButterUnstrapping also allows you to take a moment and enjoy the pristine alpine vistas.

    Step 2. Ollie Tail Butter Frontside 180

    Then Ollie from your back foot to complete the Frontside 180, landing switch.

    How To MFM ButterThe starting position for the Ollie Frontside 180.

    Step 3. Practice

    It is a bit to get your head around, but by taking your board off, this trick is instantly simplified. Now strap in and practice this several times to start getting it dialled. 

    The MFMLike this.

    Step 4. Style

    For a more advanced MFM Butter, use the same movement but with a shift of your board in the middle. This time, as you roll up for the Nollie, go past the 90 degree mark and Nollie off your front foot and shift back slightly in the opposite direction. You will land on your back foot, so Ollie from your tail to complete the counter rotated Frontside 180 Out.

    How To MFM ButterKeeping the flats stylish.

    The Difference?

    Pay close attention to the basic MFM at around the 90 degree mark and a more advanced movement, where there is a distinct shift back while in the air.

    MFM ButterThat shift is where it's at!

    Although it's not the easiest trick to tame, it can be simplified by breaking this trick down with your board off to understand the movements. Then, strap yourself in and go for a ride on the MFM train! Now that you've got the MFM Butter dialled, give the Caballerial Butter a try.

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